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  1. In my opinion I feel that people will have a harder time accepting Ashton Kutcher in a serious role then it will be for him to play it. You can't hold Ashton Kutcher at fault if YOUR the one who cant seem him as anything other than the other roles he has played. If we're going to jugde like that then we just might as well say that Robin Williams playing serious roles is impossible... well, I dont care what anyone else thinks I like 1Hr Photo...
  2. yeah man ISP's always give you a POP3 account normally with internet signup. basically, thats the whole reason mail programs even exist. when they give you the whole "mail.yourisp.com" deal thats for POP3 e-mail checking though a program like say Outlook or Thunderbird. I would say the best is to own your own .com like me and have an e-mail system though it, but that might be a bit complicated when all you want it mail.
  3. Yeah, MEPIS is a great Live CD distro... Knoppix of course as well... I really like Morphix, you can get Morphix by Desktop Environtment, so for example if you like Gnome more than KDE simple download the MorphixCombinedGnome ISO and burn. Your good to go. The install will be a tad more tedious if you ever decide to go to Hard Drive, but at lesat its not KDE centered like MEPIS. Try MEPIS and Morphix in my opinion... MEPIS first to see if you like KDE... if you hate KDE, get the Gnome Morphix Disk. Yeah that sounds about right. Dont get distro's with RPM as its only source for packaging (i.e.
  4. Other bootable versions of Linux include Knoppix and a new one that Mandrake made, i forget is name. But both of those distros I have mentioned use no HD and completely boot from CD. Theres also a Linux on a Floppy that you can download somewhere but its essentially just the kernel, no GUI.
  5. O MAN PLEASE CONTINUE THIS WALLPAPER... thats really good stuff man, I'd instantly start using it right now if you could crank out a 1280x1024 version of it! I really like it cause it seems like what the cover of the next Alkaline Trio or AFI album would look like, really nice stuff man!
  6. We JUST learned about the book 1984 in my history class... seems that the Cold War days were just ripe for picking on each others governments... and what about Mozilla's logo, the whole communist star... is that like really a support for communist or just a red star? always wondered that...
  7. That counts doesnt it? Well I actually didnt switch I use both Windows and Linux still but hey, I figured if I moved partially to Linux then I must have "Switched it up" too! I'm really enjoying it so far and GooeyLinux makes the transition even easier. Programs work radically different, but its for the better. I currently run Mandrake 9.2, although with all the talk going around it almost seems like when I get fit in to Linux well enough I should take Fedora Core 1 for a spin. I would say, if you want some nice stuff for the perfect price, try an OS that's run by a TRUE democracy... everyone.
  8. Aww comon guys you can never have enough space, especially if you DV edit like me... I got: 120 GB Western Digital Caviar 8MB Cache 7200RPM *EXCELLENT DRIVE 40 GB Sygate 7200RPM Stock Dell Drive EDIT: BTW, yes the Sygate is a quieter drive, but I really dont care, I'll deal with a little louder noise for faster and bigger! Although the backs of Sygate drive do have this nice anti-static shield on the back of them... not that i believe you will ever be clumsy enough to actually statically jolt your HD, but you never know, this is prolly good for the clumsy people! 2 x 40 GB BUSLink
  9. 1) Hyperthreading is not an On-The-Fly option, DO NOT use it freely... if you want hyperthreading you better decide BEFORE installing Windows. It is a BIOS setting that must be changed, and if you enable HyperThreading without re-installing XP you will lose XP, HT is not a simple switch. Besides, HT is kinda played out anyways 2) Dont just install it because it looks good, only use it if it has a functional value too it. I see all too often beautifuly desktops from people, but thats the only purpose it serves... contrary to some peoples beliefs, the Desktop was made for PRODUCTIVITY reason
  10. HT Access? what are your trying to do with you sute that it needs one for?
  11. It would seem to me that Gecko is a much better base for a browser than IE, I would have to say that the reason most people probabaly wont see a Safari clone built on it is due to its sheer complexity... If anything you'd want to use Firebird as a base, cause its basically optimised gecko code, but even from there you'd still need to learn how it all works... I believe there isnt a Firebird clone or something built upon gecko probabaly because thats kind of like Re-Inventing the wheels, If it aint broke dont fix it... but yeah still good stuff, looks promising
  12. Yeah, It would be nice to at least be able to TRY OUT that whole Media Center Experience without coughing up the buko bucks for the stupid "Required Hardware" that's supposed to go with it. Dell has some new Media Center type application that they are including with some of their computers, but you can find so much better deals elseware, I just dont like how they cut corners on some of there stuff but the price remains more then if I assemble the thing myself. Note: Dells are good comps, Im simply saying I can find more for the same money... oh and btw, this was written on a Dell lol
  13. We know what your hinting at, and Contra didnt like it! Besides, you can TRY it for 30 days to see if you like it, then spend the mulah if you feel its kewl... If you like a bunch of Stardocks apps though, just get ObjectDesktop for much cheaper at $50 for the whole deal.
  14. 1) Sony Walkman D-NE509 ATRAC3 Portable CD Player Llink to spiffy product description! 2) Globe Chet Thomes Signature Shoes, Size 13 Well, what can I say? I'm A Skateboarder! 3) This one is kinda stretching it but I want a GIRLFRIEND! Normally I just masutrbate to visual styles, but I guess you can call me old fashioned cause its getting old... er... I didnt list a number 3, that was meant to stay in my head, oops, already clicked add reply! EDIT: Im too lazy to edit it... LOL
  15. Excellent Program! Runs great and doesnt lack anything in my opinion stability wise! I think this is the best way to do stuff is have a solid foundation and build stuff on top! Real promising! Waiting for the CSV support for right now, but after that comes out I may use this as my default address book!
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