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  1. First on in a loooooong time hehe. Click to activate.
  2. 呵呵,说中文的有的是。但是并不住在中国!
  3. Here's my desktop for the week! Enjoy the beautiful Kristen Kreuk.
  4. Nice Skin! How do I hide the text and the progress bar? Were shall I click to make it go away?
  5. Here's mine... Sony VAIO, Core 2 Duo 2.0 ghz, 1024 MB DDR, 80 gb HDD PB 3.8 ghz AMD 64, 2 gb DDR, 300 gb HDD iPod Video U2 Special edition Sony Ericsson k610i Office desk from IKEA
  6. I think I know what you mean. It's called Moonflower. Download here.
  7. I'd believe that's some symbols from the Lucida Grande Font. (Greek and Türkish) Just search the symbols in that font, and you might find 'em.
  8. Link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36609427/
  9. Oh yeah leopard is especially designed for intel processors, so it's gonna be tons better than tiger.
  10. Hey! Is that Portugal I see? Very nice stuff there! However, it would be nice if you made the jerseys authentic. See this: http://www.aftonbladet.se/sport/fotboll/vm...jor1024x768.jpg
  11. Virtually there is. You can use the extension "Nightly tester tools", which makes any other uncompatible extensions compatible with your version of the browser while installing.
  12. Thanks! This is just the midi version I made with "Sibelius". Im gonna transcripe it with real instruments to mp3 later.
  13. I made this piece by Boccherini just an hour ago. It's called quintet no. 6 "La musica notturno delle strade di Madrid". It's however just a first version, so it's not that complex. I'll fix it with logic pro later. Listen here: La musica di Madrid Enjoy!
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