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  1. Modified Uno theme (with Aqua Extreme elements) Firefox 2.0 w/ Pinstripe theme Neige icons Devkit wall It's a mac.
  2. Instead of clicking anywhere while holding control, try clicking the preview box on the left of the layer. You will see the cursor change.
  3. Second for Nirvana's Nevermind and first for White Stripes' Elephant - Seven Nation Army.
  4. Yeah, the US version of The Office. Sorry, forgot to say that. It's still funny. P.s. Jenna is married to the guy who wrote the new "Dawn Of The Dead" and "Tromeo and Juliet." Oh yeah... and "Slither."
  5. Not sure if anyone actually uses Myspace around here (mine's only for modifying, really) but here are some interesting celebrity pages I have discovered (all real, as far as I can tell) - Jenna Fischer (Pam) from The Office (pretty easy to find and has the other real office people pages in her top list) - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=27753303 - David Spade (lot's of personal photos and some nice blogs - especially the Farley rememberance. Plus, he has a ton of other actors in his list of friends) - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=55051788 - Natali
  6. Smooth Stripes Sunken Mod Various icons It's a mac, of course...
  7. Use stylish to create and edit the userchrome conveniently. https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2108/
  8. Well, the only thing I can think to do is install the theme with a new GUID (unique identifier). Every theme has a different one so they don't overwrite eachother, which is probably why the graphite version works, but this one doesn't. To do this: 1. download the attachment, install.txt 2. rename the attachment to install.rdf (I can't attach it that way) 3. open eternal aqua safire jar with winrar 4. drag the install.rdf file attached here into the open jar window 5. say yes to overwriting and save the jar 6. try installing This will put the theme in a totally different folder
  9. Congrats Duckie. I rememebr (vaugely) back in the day when your name would come up while modifying something. Stuff of legend, man. I got a Macbook Pro 2GHz with maxed RAM recently and I love it. Next purchase is a mini for the girlfriend. I was born in the ghetto of Windows but I was meant to live with OSX.
  10. No, he regularly checks Deviantart. He's probably just waiting for the release of FX2 and possibly an update to Safari. He did update the Safire page a little in the past few months with more instructions and a link to the gradient alpha.
  11. It bothered me so much, I "fixed" it while making my own theme. I wish Bazon would do the same, even if it means breaking a few small things in the process. Frustrating, I know. It requires modifying the whole URL bar, it would be too much to go into for this, sorry. The files you can look at if you wish to try it yourself are the browser.css under the browser folder in th JAR as well as the entire menulist folder within the global folder of the JAR. You can try doing a straight replacement of these from Eternal Aqua, but I won't garauntee it will work or not mess up your Firefox.
  12. You're right. I think I had this problem when Fission first came out and I was making Eternal Aqua Safire. There are some !important calls in one of the CSS files contained within the theme. This is actually very easy to rectify, even if it doesn't sound like it. Just follow these directions precisely: 1. Download Safire to your desktop 2. Download the attached progressmeter.txt to your desktop 3. Rename progressmeter.txt to progressmeter.css (I couldn't attach it with this name) 4. Open the JAR file safire.jar with WinRAR (if you do not have WinRAR, I recommend downloading and instal
  13. You can use an image for Fission to get that Safari progress meter, but it will not touch the end of the URL field because of the way Safire is built. Here is the Safari loading graphic. Open Fission preferences and point to wherever you put this graphic after you download it.
  14. The toolbars are drawn by the VS, so the seperator is covered. You might be able to get it back by editing the global.css file under the global folder in the jar. It's a bit of work to tweak it. I'm not good with css, so I can't say exactly what to do. Sorry. The deviantart page gives recommendations for extensions, but you shouldn't need anything installed. It could be a slightly corrupt profile. Have you tried installing the graphite version or the amalgam theme? They are all based off Safire, so they should install. If they do and this doesn't, I'm not sure what to say. This a
  15. Yeah, not sure what you can do. I would help build a new theme, but I'm out of that business. If you have winrar installed and are willing to put in some time, editing themes and tweaking them to your needs is not too hard to learn. As for an easy fix... doubtful for now. I just switched over to OSX and found Eternal Aqua Safire looks like crap. I had to tweak it a bit to get it to play nice. Little things really bother me.
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