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  1. Windows Vista has is RTM and Stardock has released info on what is plans to do on Vista. Amongst the changes that Aqua-Soft users may find interesting: 1) WindowBlinds for Vista (now in beta). 2) DesktopX able to make widgets/gadgets for the Windows Sidebar 3) A lot of new effects for the DWM 4) Lots more Here's a link to an article that talks about it: http://www.wincustomize.com/Articles.aspx?AID=136100
  2. The free version is freeware. No time out or limitations.
  3. Neat. My kids will love this.
  4. WindowBlinds 4.6 was released to the public YESTERDAY. It's NEW news. It was only availbale to registered users a week ago.
  5. Actually the ideal scenario is where the icon artist has made them in .ICO format that has multiple sizes in there optimized to each size. A 128x128 PNG file is obviously better than say an icon package that contains icons that only support 32x32 but a good icon package has icons that support 32x32 all the way up to 128x128 with each size optimized. This is what Paul Boyer does -- he makes his icons in Corel Draw which is a vector based program so he can make sure each size looks great and targets a given size directly. Here's a pretty good icon package of Panther icons. [Download] Th
  6. This is Paul Boyer's Icon-A-Day series. They have a kind of polished Aqua-Graphite look about them. They are the product of Paul's long-running icon-a-day icon tutorial series (Found HERE). They require IconPackager 3 which you can download HERE. [Download Icon package]
  7. http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?SkinID=989&LibID=1 Liquid 2 was inspired by Aqua but given a bit more "fun" sense to it. It makes use of the latest WindowBlinds 4.59 features (such as glowing buttons that glow outside the window area) and has sound effects and more. [Download]
  8. [Zoom] This is a quasi-Aqua type skin but with a more playful tone to it. Or at least, that was our intent. Liquid 2 is a WindowBlinds skin Dangeruss and I did together a couple of years ago. I recently asked MikeB to help (and by help I mean did all of the work) update it to use the latest/greatest WindowBlinds features (including features from the upcoming WindowBlinds 4.6 such as glowing buttons). It has some features that I think many of you will like such as scrollbar sliders that are semi-transparent (the original had this back in 2000 btw) and Mike B's glowing title bar b
  9. Silica MP3 Player. Lets you choose which player it's controlling (iTunes, Windows Media Player, WInamp, Cool Player, or its own internal one). [Download] Requires DesktopX 3 to be installed.
  10. Well DesktopX is shareware. Like Konfabulator is. Perhaps you should go over to the Konfabulator forum and start complaining that everything isn't free there too.
  11. Richard Mohler has created this really cool clear calendar widget: [Download] Note: Requires DesktopX 3 (free download at http://www.desktopx.net). DesktopX widgets don't require any special "environment" to be run. Once DX is installed, widgets can be run just like any other program with right-click options to auto-start.
  12. This clock is incredibly slick. Created by Richard Mohler, it looks great on the desktop. [Download] Requires DesktopX (http://www.desktopx.net). DesktopX widgets don't require any special "manager" to run. Once installed, widgets are just like regular programs.
  13. What's with the trolling? DesktopX is a free download. http://www.desktopx.net. And DesktopX widgets are EXEs. So you just double click on the widget to run it. So once you install DesktopX, you can just run the widgets like any other program.
  14. If you want to run msstyles on Windows ME you would want to use WindowBlinds and download SkinStudio which can convert msstyles to UIS.
  15. Tiggz has created this pretty cool to-do list widget. This is perhaps the most useful to-do widget I've seen. It has clipoboard support (I don't think any of the other ones have that). It can also save its data to a text file so you can export it to other programs. http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?...ID=456&LibID=34
  16. Adni's new Calendar went up this week. It is pretty elegant (I think anyway). Check it out. http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?...ID=458&LibID=34
  17. DesktopX has gotten its documentation updated and on-line if you want to check it out: http://www.stardock.com/products/desktopx/...tion/index.html
  18. There's one on deviantART, it's a DesktopX theme.
  19. I didn't make this, but Essencay did and it's pretty awesome for those of you who use ObjectDock Plus. [Download] -------------------------------- Since you didnt make the skin, this is just a [Link] thread. The Topic Has Been Retagged // Seph
  20. Martin Conroy has created a ton of free widgets that use DesktopX. Here's a link to his personal library if you want to check out the stuff he has made recently: [Martin's Widget Gallery]
  21. Here's Martin's Currency Converter. [Download] Just requires DesktopX to be installed on your computer to use.
  22. Here's a cool widget from Martin. Just requires DesktopX to be installed on your computer. Download here: [slide Show Widget]
  23. For those of you who like Panther-style labels, here are some object templates that you can use to have an entire desktop of slick looking icons with nice labels. Just right-click on one and choose "clone". You can click on the label to change its text. [Download]
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