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  1. There are only two icons. Any others are mods that aren't released...
  2. ~system/library/frameworks/carbon.framework/frameworks/hitoolbox.framework (extras & extras2.rsrc) The dock triangles are hard coded but can be color changed with cleardock....
  3. not to mention Leopard doesn't use the Extras.rsrc file for the UI anymore....it's just plain ole Aqua.
  4. 1st one is from iPhoto 08, 2nd one is custom by me and NFR....
  5. That file you shared contains a lot of payware icons from Iconbase...
  6. You've made 158 threads, 78 of which are tagged [Request] and you're calling him a leech?
  7. 3rd icon.......I made it from the Minium CD's so yeah......nfr
  8. I made that icon and yes it's NFR because of permission required from the original artists.
  9. Makki didn't make it, it's from HP.....he just gave it to Ricky....
  10. man, I forgot all about the horrors of litestep scripting.....and remember, making WB skins was done with notepad. Talk about trial and error...
  11. 32 pixel icons (non-antialiased), buggy windowblinds and some cheesy Bryce 3D walls.....lol Thredz was the theme back then....lol Thredz
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