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  1. They already do, and if I'm not mistaken, VW was the first to have  integration. ( = ALT + SHIFT+ K)
  2. The old "take a screenshot of the desktop and hide the dock and the icons" trick still works. I've done it a few times. Fun to watch the Apple employees try to figure out why the dock won't work but everything else will. Then they try quitting the dock and it still doesn't fix the problem, then restarting.... and so on into eternity.
  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/robshoy/1253155935/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/robshoy/12543...57601705417336/ All info is in the shots.
  4. Little bit NSFW there turnone? NIce shots everyone.
  5. 1) Where did you hear that iLife '08 is going to be bundled with Leopard? Is this confirmed? I don't think Steve ever said this at any of the keynotes. 2) Anything can change, Levi. It's all just a matter of a simple software update.
  6. Absolutely fantastic, true to the original yet amazingly modern-feeling at the same time. Bravo.
  7. I voted for the iTunes bars, they're the next big thing, I think that's clear. So we may as well get used to them. Honestly I've never liked the Aqua bars at all, and I don't think the Coverflow ones would fit into the GUI all that well.
  8. It's clearly moving towards a spacey theme, and I like it. It feels futuristic and modern, something that other operating systems lack.
  9. Stacks looks like a great feature, agreed. Albeit it's just a visual improvement over right clicking a folder in the dock... Spaces I'll have to try before I can give my final verdict on. Time Machine is something that looks great, but I'm not sure if I'll need it. I've rarely had the problem of loosing any files forever. But we'll see I suppose. My favorite feature is Quick Look. I can't wait to try that out, and I have no idea how I'm going to wait for October to come. Oh well.
  10. Personally I do, very much so. Until the latest build, I had my doubts. But in my opinion, it's all coming together nicely. Especially the transparent taskbar, which before looked ugly, now looks fantastic. I still have some minor concerns about the dock, and of course I'd prefer rounded corners on the taskbar, but I think all the necessary changes will be made in time for October.
  11. All info's in the preview. Download from DeviantART. (Click on preview)
  12. There are no words to describe how awesome these all are. Great job
  13. I don't see why Apple can't release an iPod that has nearly an identical interface to the iPhone, but with less features. Cut out the phone and the widgets and you've got a perfect iPod. In fact, I don't see why the iPod shouldn't have WiFi web browsing. If the DS and PSP can do it, so can the iPod, right?
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