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  1. The times are the same for me, I'll try and get to the meeting that you guys decide on since my free time atm is flexible, whereas others have jobs to work around.
  2. 5-7pm GMT most weeknights. All of Sunday from 2pm.
  3. My apologies, I've been so busy recently you couldn't imagine. Finishing two themes for the GUI-O, fixing bugs, getting APC running, updating my website, real life issues. All this on top of revision and writing Masters dissertaion, means I'm constantly under pressure. I won't lie to you, I did forget, but I have good reasons and it won't happen again Thanks for patience while this theme was developed, and thanks M5 for your support. MSstyle version will be released after the GUI-O has finished.
  4. I'll be releasing the Msstyle after the GUI-O competition is over. Smooth (now named Opulence) is 99% done, and should be released within the bext few hours :moon:
  5. Hi, Thanks for your interest! Smooth is going to be released in the GUI Olympics, so I'm taking my time with it. Will alsoo have the toolbar icons skinned to match the theme. When the contest is officially over, the Msstyle version will be released. Its 95% done, so thw WB version will be up on the GUI-O site within the next week.
  6. Thanks for the comments! Working on GUI Olympics theme, so this one is on hold for 3 days (GUI-O deadline). Should have it finished soon after!
  7. Update: Start Panel Click for full of course!
  8. Hi MMA! Long time no see :¬) Smooth is nicer to use than Opus OS tbh! Will be finished in a day or two
  9. Scrollbars (and with new arrows)
  10. It is on the way, I starting fiddling with this theme and got invloved in it, now I have to finish it
  11. Here's the latest VS I'm working on (for the GUI olympics). The Msstyle will be released after the competition is over. I'll let you know when its posted on the GUI-O site! New explorer detail header Taskbar (beta systray chevron and start button) Even an unskinned opera looks smooth Click for full size Scrollbars... Update: Start Panel Click for full of course! Not sure when it'll be ready for release!
  12. Amazing work, by far my favourite OSX skin. Love the brushed with back menu...
  13. Monday, 8th @ 19:00 is fine for me :¬)
  14. Hi guys, StevieMB invited (or 'ordered', as he put it) me to handle the graphics for this project, obviously I said yes :¬) I'm around most nights 7-10pm (GMT) Ross
  15. Thanks for the comments :¬)
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