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  1. I am trying to use a safari skin, but it only makes the toolbar look like safari, my window still stays XP :@
  2. When i install a Skin in to Firefox, it skins everything except the main title bar and the right hand corner buttons, i really cant get my head around it?! Ive re-installed firefox numerous times... but skin's still come up with a normal windows titlebar and right-hand buttons. Any help would be GREATLY appriciated, Techno Minds
  3. All brilliant... although i cant seem to shortcut the desktop.... when i do.. the window pops-up but without My Computer.. Network Places ect... any ideas why? Also... i have my ipod as a removable drive.. and decided not to use text labels.. but when i plug it in the desklet fades in but with the label too! Help would be great Apart from that, amazing app!
  4. Seems interesting... have you managed to finish your script?
  5. I just got the Mac keyboard to use with my PC... im very happy with it.. wondering if anyone knows how to setup the media keys to work... or if they have ascii value i can program them with?
  6. ok i suppose... the reason i put it in a tray was so that the program knows if your tray is open or not... meaning it can open and close your tray instead of it always opening it no matter the state... a few minor adjustements and it should work correctly... as i say... still in beta stages..
  7. removing now.... Version 0.51... * Fixed taskbar problem iJect 0.51.zip
  8. Ok, so ive been working on the program... and now its a permanently running program which doesnt depend on ObjectBar. Still in beta stages... iJect 0.5 Added: * System Tray Icon * Will Open or Close depending on if cd tray is open or closed. * Right click System Tray to Eject and Exit * Bugs Fixed * Graphical Problem Fiixed Im currenttly working on the switching... if anyone knows how to do this in VB... it would be a great help for some advice... Anyway, enjoy the latest beta version... iJect 0.5.zip
  9. ah yea, thats my silly coding... it shall be removed on release..
  10. hah.. it seems the most practical idea.. without making a seperate config program... which is just hassle really... any other idea's and il see what i can russle up - Techno Minds
  11. Thanks for the idea, i will definately add this in the release... so you can choose your drive..
  12. Well i can link it with a hotkey, but that would mean the program would always need to be open... also... im not sure if the Eject key has an ascii value...
  13. Thanks, i will take note for those idea's in the release!
  14. Sorted, this version shouldnt crash. VERSION 0.5 BETA AVAILABLE BELOW iJect [Corrected].zip
  15. Thanks for the reply, ive been graphic designing for ages... often pop over here to check up on stuff... too shy to talk.. hehe... yea i cant understand why that crash occurs... seems to happen with me too... Il get to fixing it, thanks again for feedback... i think this program could be onto something once its complete... PS: i think the image is the correct one... according to google it is anyway "eject os x" in the images search.
  16. Ok.. i was playing with a mac at college and noticed the Eject pop-up screen was kinda cool... looked around for a PC version of it... couldnt find anything... so made it myself... this is my first Mac sim program... should work.. but then its still a beta. I used it with the Eject shortcut in ObjectBar instead of the standard one (which seems not to work for me) anyway, here it is... iJect beta.. [edit] THIS VERSION CRASHES, DOWNLOAD OTHER VERSION BELOW iJect.zip
  17. I also had this problem.... then i downloaded a decent Mod for the sending/recieving file from miranda's website, which includes an avatar within the chat window. Also, in the option menu you have to tick Use MSN Protcol v10... this makes sure they are loaded without having to update Hope i solved your problem!
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