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  1. The demo message is there because i used a volume OCX to make the program work. If anyone knows of another master volume OCX or a registered version of this OCX i can build it in.... but for now.. it will pop up when you run it every now and again... no biggie
  2. try again, everything seems really problematic at the mo :S
  3. Thanks .. Yea i worked pretty quick on this one... but i knew what I had to do from the start.... expect more from where this came from... the iSuite will be...well... iSweet...
  4. You can tell I havent slept in a while, there you go... updated
  5. From the maker's of iJect, I bring you... ** REVISED** : Fixed the missing OCX, now run's independently and will not have an unregistered splash screen. **REVISED** Slowed down the volume slider. iSound is a replica of the keyboard-controlled volume on Mac OSX. With this tool you can set the key to control the volume, and for those with an apple keyboard you can use the up and down volume controls on the keyboard. The splash screen is almost identical to that of a mac. Next Project: iSuit - Combine my last two projects and a few other tricks, all in one... Thanks for w
  6. Would you like it in the tray like iJect? and then be able to edit the volume from there also?
  7. I can do that, but because there isnt a call to tell if the draw is open or not, the program could get confused when the user opens the tray itself, then calls a hotkey and it will try and open it. I suppose i could do it in the next release, shouldnt be too much of a problem.... I just find automatic closes are actually easier when you want to put a disc in, try t out.
  8. I know some people (one of them being me) have the apple keyboard connected to windows. I also know that most people have wasted keys on the keyboard and also have no way of print screening. Would it be worth me making a program that will simply run in the background and make use of these keys? System volume i could clone from Apple, i could make one of the F keys a screenshot key... worth the time? Let me know Techno Minds :cool: :cool:
  9. You think i would give it all away in preview releases
  10. Finally, after countless betas, we arrive with the first version of iJect. iJect is a program that replicates the ejecting cd tray of a Mac. In this version you can use hotkeys to link to multplie disco trays, and also a replica of the Mac system tray icon is also an option. Read the ReadMe for instructions and more explained features! :cool: :cool: Techno Minds iJect 1.0.zip
  11. Well, im just following what the great mac designer's thought up... ask them the questions
  12. I have nearly finished the release version, so if anyone would like to see more features, now would be a time to post
  13. Im not sure, it depends what your system reads it as. If when you go into my computer and it reads it as a CD Drive, then the program should pick it up, otherwise it will be counted as an external storage device and will not be picked up.
  14. It is actually possible to eject USB devices, but i dont think it is a particularly needed feature.
  15. OK, so features i should add are * Kill process on Exit * Variables for all Hotkeys and maybe tray closing time? * Choice for if tray shows or not * Maybe i will try and work something out for customization, but that will probably be next release
  16. i have noticed one bug, and would like to write it to save everyone else the effort, even if you dont have 5 drives and you press the F buttons, the splash screen shows.... this will be sorted tomorrow
  17. Ok, i stayed up till 6 in the morning working these damn hotkeys. I found the most functional way to do it was have the draw close itself after a certain amount of time. This beta does not have any options or config for the hotkeys, but will in final release. The hotkeys work as follows F12 - Primary CD Drive F11 - Secondary CD Drive F10 - .... ect.. This beta will only eject computer with maximum 5 Disc drives, although im not expecting many people to have more than that. Hopefully this will work and il be happy... if not... let me know.. iJect 0.9 Final Beta.zip
  18. hotkeys are possible, but the Eject key on the mac keyboard has no ascii value on a PC, therefore making it impossible to use that, i suppose i could use any other key for the hotkey... if i get enough people aking for it )
  19. Any bugs to report or features you guy would want?
  20. Well, you could always check back to the old iJect post, but il explain. I was playing with my mac at college and realised that it had a great eject system. When you eject a splash screen comes up when you eject and bring in the tray. This is for those who want it emulated on PC.
  21. RELEASE IS HERE... CLICK THIS LINK: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=28405 So sorry to leave you guys with an unfinished product, had loads of paying work to do that came in the way of me finishing this idea. Well I was browsing aqua-soft for the first time in ages and realised I hadnt finished it. So I sat down and programmed it the way it should have been done. So I present to you, the (hopefully) final beta of iJect. Feel free to leave any comments and bugs, if it runs smoothly I will release asap! :cool: iJect Final Beta.zip
  22. I dont think anyone has requested this.... With my dual-screen graphics card there is some software that came with it that if i create mouse gestures, my desktop background and all open applications change. So i can swicth between desktops. now i dont think its entirely important to have it mouse gestures, but you could have a kind of 'turn page' in the corner of the screen and when you click it, it switches to another desktop. That way you could have all of your folder icons on one desktop, then program shortcuts on another and swicth between the two using a page turnover in the corner. I t
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