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  1. For those who dont know, OS X has been cracked by a group of hackers who have managed to get OS X to run on intel and AMD processors. This version has now been shared around most torrent websites under the name of 'OSx86'! I cant believe that someone finally managed it! Techno Minds
  2. I cant seem to get a higher-res icon, the changing icon is definately doable though. I cant find a way for VB to use anything other than 256 colours for a systray icon... damn program...
  3. In iSound 2.0 the settings only show once unless called up from the tray.
  4. OK, in the final i will offer two, remember.. this is just beta... so all comments are welcome and will be taken in!
  5. Installer comes with an Uninstaller that gets rid of everything... no registry entries... it just makes installing and uninstalling alot quicker and less hassle... @ the master volume question: yes, the program changes the waveout volume.. i will see if it does master volume.. otherwise.. sorry @ bip bop... working on that now
  6. OK, fixed the problem... sorry bout that guys... re-download the file at.. http://www.techno-minds.com/iSound/iSound%202.0.zip
  7. you guys are right... for some reason my coding got screwed up and i lost all the hotkey data... il let you know when the program is back up and working... sorry about this.. *slaps head*
  8. Cant understand why it wouldnt work.... when you get the control panel screen.. you say you cant change anything.. why?
  9. Going to put that in now, thanks for reminding me
  10. And the wierd shadow is there for people who are using objectbar, when you have a finderbar instead of the XP bar, it looks like a shadow from the finderbar.
  11. This will be implemented in the second version of iJect or the iSuite (Depending on which i release first)
  12. Note: I accidently forgot to delete some bitmaps from the default bar folder, just ignore these. Skinning will only be read with jpg files.
  13. OK, well here is the second version, first beta release of iSound! Click here to download
  14. Version 2.0 (aswell as iSound 2.0) will all have 1-time-only settings. For now, im sorry but you will have to make do.... dont worry though... version 2.0 of both apps are well underway!
  15. A few screenshots of the new 2.0 version of iSound... New and improved bezel, 0 script errors will now show, unlike last versions with the source overflow. The bezel is completely new and entirely re-coded. New system tray icon, which is completely customizable.. also.. the new volume slider which will bring up the bezel whenever changed. This slider can be moved about the window and the program will save its position no matter what. Bezel is now completely skinnable. From the background to the progressbar, everything will change. Also, the program will ad
  16. OK, ive basically finished version 2.0.... i know it was quick... but there is an unbelievable difference... Im looking for beta testers, so those who would like to test and maybe have some previous experience in testing, please add me on MSN: [email protected] New features include: * External settings (Only have to configure once) * System Tray Icon * Hooked to All audio devices (such as windows volume control) and will show bezel if changed. * Moveable Volume slider window from SysTray * Entirely Skinnable (Bezel, Progress Bar and Slider Bar) * New Control Panel to define Skins,
  17. You guys definately want a Systray? I mean... I get slated for clogging up the tray too much.... Maybe an option for a tray like in iJect?
  18. Wow, loads of ideas there, ive certainly got my work set... @Vjay, there is no OCX.. i explained that, i re-programmed it to directly access the audio engine. I have implemented the mute, but will release it later with a few bug fixes. Ive noticed there is a overflow and it does crash the program, this will be sorted. Next version, iSound will be completely skinnable
  19. Anyone got a mac they can get me the mute bezel from?
  20. UPDATED: Just updated AGAIN with a slower slider, anything else anyone would like to add except a Mute?
  21. Ok, i completely re-coded the audio engine so it is not dependant of an OCX, please re-download iSound 1.1 @shockme17 - If you can get me a screenshot of the mute bezel, i will put it straight in.
  22. Khalid, sorry to burst your bubble... but the release is already out, check back in the forum
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