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  1. this is what im using at the moment...
  2. and they said the delivery time was a few weeks?! Has anyone else ordered apple products and had to wait this long for them? For those interested, i bought the 17inch 2.16ghz MacBook Pro with Glossy screen and 1GB single RAM, I CANT WAIT! Let me know guys!
  3. Well its not an interface really, its entirely seperate.. but links to myspace. I could never make it open source due to my horrificly bad shortcuts ect. But I could make a version with user-variables if i got enough asks. For those who want to know about getting flash or anything covering their myspace, look up div overlays!
  4. Thanks for the link! Yea the whole thing is programmed straight into macromedia flash... without any help of other sources! Im proud
  5. hours of tedious flash programming, its nowhere near finished yet but im already impressed... infact i think i could do much more replication if i had the time!
  6. Yea so I was looking to renew my myspace profile as it draws alot of attention towards my music. So i started making a flash overlay for it, when I got overpowered by my thoughts on OSX again. Got a feeling you guys might like this one! Let me know www.myspace.com/joshfriend -tm
  7. hey guys, sorry for the lack of dev. Ive been working on my final major at college and its really taken all my time away. Il carry on workning on this soon and you guys should have a release in a month of two. Sorry again
  8. Why havent you seen 1:1... when I make these icons I make them at such a resolution so that they can be stretched to the size of the monitor itself... but what i think people mean by the 1:1 is that the ratio of measurements is the same.. not that it is the same size! Thanks for all the comments people, let me know if you want any other versions!
  9. Updated with the Ultrasharp 24" model! I believe its 1:1 aswell
  10. It was done free-hand so im guessing it isnt, but i wouldnt say the proportions look out without measurements. Im sitting infront of two right here that look pretty identical to that drawing.
  11. I was just looking at my Dell monitors and I wondered if I could draw them... well here is the result! I know these monitors are popular so i decided to share them with you all. Includes: 2 PNG's, one with background and one plain. Peace Guys, EDIT: If anyone wants other screen sizes, im happy to make them! TM
  12. Its quick, il work on a registry edit so that files open with finder... the only thing is.. if you open that file or folder from Explorer then there isnt much to do. If you close down explorer down all together you can use this application with docked items. Then use avedesk for desktop icons (although im not sure if it depends on explorer?). Il try and make it so you can run the program like Finder.exe /filename so that you can make it run folders from dock/desktop? I think thats all I could offer unless explorer follows a registry key for opening Folders! Thanks for the comment!
  13. Windowblinds has a per application feature
  14. Nexplorer wasnt coded in the same languae as I am using, and the idea is to make a Finder Clone that runs fast enough for you to use on a daily basis, nexplorer was definately not a replacement. Alot of things are possible on windows, infact im sure there are very small restrictions... if you know everything ever. I think your posts are disrespectful and I dont appriciate them against my hard work.
  15. Il ignore that.... and continue with this... If you would like to see the Finder Clone in action, download the video here (compressed with the 3ivx codec, you need this to view it) EDIT: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/3ivx.htm There are lots of features missing (dont comment on the toolbar buttons because they arent skinned to more than 1 image each.. they will be in the release its just not a priority on my list). Let me know what you think! tm
  16. Ah no problems! Ive kind of sorted the list out... its not as I had perfectly wanted but its usable and looks quite good so I think i might stick with it. My find clone looks like it might be something special Cant wait to release this one!
  17. Sranshaft, I installed that ActiveCandy set... it was just a bunch of fancy looking simple controls?!
  18. I ome help creating a custom list to display as part of a Finder Clone. (the left-hand panel) The list must have a picture attatched to it, a label and a link value. I would like to be able to drag folders to the list (area) I would like to be able to have a seperator in the list i would like each list item to be moveable (up/down the list) by drag. Please let me know if you can help me with this custom control, or point me in the right direction as ive looked for days on the internet for soure with no luck! Thank You
  19. working on it.... working on it... not sure if this is possible... unfortunately not possible...
  20. Thanks guys, im pleading now to VB6 programmers for help on a few things cause there are some things that im having serious trouble with... so anyone out there who can help, please let me know!
  21. It will be entirely skinnable, including placement of buttons.
  22. I dont think it will be possible without stretching the image... you could always mirror either the first or second one next to it.. with a pattern like this is sometimes works!
  23. Im very very happy with what ive got so far (have been working on it for about 10 hours straight... ) but I need a reference for images of finder, anyone know where I can FINDer them? hah... *cough* EDIT: Thought id give an update of things I have applied... 3 different view modes; list, icon and small icons back and foward buttons (you wouldnt believe how hard it is to make a history from scratch!) added the search bar (which will act as a URL bar unless people want otherwise) right click menu like explorers double click names in left hand menu to edit them to do: Make the left hand menu
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