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  1. Looking pretty good, but I never really felt touch screens because of the lack of a keyboard.

    Yes I know you have an on-screen keyboard, but that thing takes up like a third of the screen anyways.

    When Apple eventually get round to designing a multi-touch platform, which I am 99% sure they will do in the future; it won't be anything like OS X or any OS we know. Multi-touch will mean instead of desktops we will have environments and everyday tasks and lists will be displayed in a completely new and revolutionary way. Typing will become more and more obsolete to the average user, and when they want to type; an on-screen keyboard, voice recognition and handwriting recognition will suffice. Of course, this won't apply to offices or pro users, but Apple will hit these to a home-user demographic.

    I for one am extremely excited for this all to happen!

  2. I was thinking the same exact thing. Apple wouldnt overuse material to make the price higher and make the product heavier. You have to think these things through all the way.

    Yea, I hear you both.

    I'l work on a design that is slightly thinner and angle adjustable.

  3. I started trying some icon design for the first time today, and came out with what I think is pretty good results.

    I'm having a problem finding decent software for OS X to turn my images into icons. I would have thought it would be easy seeing as they are created with alpha masks, but every program ive tried so far has given pretty poor results.

    Any ideas?

    Here is my design:



  4. Woah-ha-ha-hoo!

    I'd like to see Apple design some speakers. Not average wimpy computer-system-grade speakers like you'd find while ordering on Dell.com. No, I want speakers that are worthy of blasting loud rock music and surround sound hardcore gaming. The casing? Similar to the new Aluminum Keyboards. No cloth for the front, but steel mesh of sorts, like you'd see on the front of a Mac Pro, or similar to the speakers on a late generation PowerBook G4 or MacBook Pro.

    A mockup of the Apple Bluetooth speakers, I may add a display to them.


  5. A pretty bad photoshop mockup..

    And not a great concept. The screen shows a touch-screen (nicked directly from the iPhone), so why have a click wheel? Considering proportions; the buttons on screen would be a quarter the size of that on the iPhone and therfore completely impossible to use with a thumb.

    The clickwheel would also be rendered useless in the dark, unless it was extremely bright; which is just a further drain on the battery.

    I'm sticking with my Nano Touches =]

  6. Oh come on, it's apple!

    They'll think of a way to both utilise the entire screen as a keyboard AND not inconvenience those who love to click, I'm sure :)


    I was thinking today, you could even do handwriting recognition... I used to have it on an old Sony Ericsson p800 and it worked brilliantly. Using fingers to write letters could be mastered just as quick as writing... and of course an on-screen keyboard for those who oppose... AND USB ports for people who just cant bare it!

  7. No swivel? :(

    Swivel just seems far too fiddly for an Apple product. I think they would concentrate on having a software alternative instead of something already in existence. I think we all need to realize that in the not too distant future, all inputting will be done on-screen... hardware input will be for professional use only, I expect... In which case, a keyboard can always be plugged in.

    I imagine some software will be created filling almost the entire screen with a transparent keyboard... i'm sure with very little practice it would be easy to use.

    If you go by the trend of Apple's design... the MB Air, for example.. is created for on-the-go use.. I imagine this would be the same. Not many people type too much information when traveling, but of course the option is there and with Apple's software team behind it, they will find a very easy way of inputting text without an ugly swivel... after all, it wouldnt be a TouchBook if it wasnt entirely 'Touch'

  8. Cinema 4D, I've got that somewhere on my harddrive :slant:

    Start learning how to use it!

    Its unbelievable.... it has taken me a couple of years to get good at it, but the results are phenominal..

    I'm currently redesigning the TouchBook in a more 'iMac' alluminum style, I gathered they would go for that instead of the old G4 shell

  9. What would you want in the perfect would for the next generation of Apple devices?

    I've always been a follower of new hardware, and as a graphic designer spent my time trying to be one step ahead of them and designing devices before they do.

    So far, I was almost spot on (as a lot of people were) with the iPod Touch, and posted designs on YouTube (

    ) almost a year before the release.


    I also recently posted some fake leaked iPod Nano 'Touch' devices, which I still believe will be released in the near future.


    My latest has been the most talked about 'TouchBook' which is, in my opinion, the only option Apple has to take a giant leap into a new technology. Considering Apple's funding in multi-touch technology, I believe this is a definite go-ahead in the next couple of years. Of course, as well as hardware technology, Apple will have to develop either a new operating system to suite this new device or they will have to create a new set of programs which help with the use of multi-touch.

    So far, I have made a few designs and posted them on this forum in various places, but I decided to make a dedicated thread for not only my designs, but to hear and see what YOU want from Apple next. You may even be able to work with me to try and create the dream device!

    Here are a couple of images of my new TouchBook, including a Bezel/Holder I have designed for the device to sit on.


    Front & Back


    Upright Front & Back


    Three TouchBooks


    TouchBook including Stand

    Let me know what you think, and post your ideas here!

    - TM

  10. A tablet PC with no keyboard or mouse would be a bastard. A gadget utilizing touch screen abilities for short texts and what-not is one thing; a computer? Hell no. Typing long messages on a screen in that fashion would be absolutely ridiculous.

    I dont think so... as I said, iPhone managed it.

  11. but then what would protect the screen when traveling, hmm? ;) And also; if I'm traveling with that machine, I definitely wouldn't want to lug around a USB keyboard, would I?

    And I would imagine that your design would include a type of bezel for the machine to stand on, yes?

    A travel case? :)

    Nothing protects my iPhones screen in my pocket, so you never know how reinforced the glass could be..

    Well thats the idea of touch-screen, you dont need to lug a keyboard about; that would be your silly choice buying a multi-touch tablet!

    I'm working on a bezel to hold it now, but it seems difficult.. I may have to redesign the back of the tablet to have some kind of clip-in device.

  12. @Techno: Epic.

    I, personally wouldn't want a design like that. Give me, a ~12.1", 13.3", 14.1" (or hell, 15.4" -- although for a tablet that's quite large -- I'd opt for the 12.1" model personally) MacBook/MacBook Pro hybrid, with a screen that swivels and folds down (ie, Thinkpad X41), and back up again to reveal a touchpad, keyboard, etc.

    Boo to you :P

    Swivel is so 1980's sci-fi! :D

    I want Multi-touch.. and nothing but multi touch :)

    Want a keyboard? plug one in!

    Yea I designed it maybe a little too large (17") although I certainly wouldnt mind it that size as ive used tablets before (being a graphic designer and all) and often smaller can get annoying when multi-tasking pretty quickly

    - TM

  13. Exactly what's on my mind too... even my iBook's lid look thinner than that. So I'm also wondering why the fat frame?

    Another thing that puzzles me is that backside of this lid is not shown. I mean you see some MBA style tapered lid from that site (with off centered apple logo), but that's not the same as these frame shots.


    I'm also not convinced by the shadow being drawn from the main body, looks a little too rigid to be a photo, but that could be the way its been edited.

    Unless this is infact the shell for a new touchbook, which would make sense.

  14. Ok, I guess I need to make an apology, I completely misread and understood the point of the leak!

    Now that I understand it, it makes it easier to believe a simple photo of the plastic screen top could easily be modified to look aluminum. What confuses me is the depth of the screen, my macbook is much much thinner than that, I cant see why they would make it so fat!

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