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  1. Hey guys, I'm in the market of getting a drawing tablet for Photoshop but know little to nothing about them. I was wondering if anyone could recommend or direct me to a nice one. I found another thread about it but it was from 5 years ago, so I figured some neat new stuff has come out by then. As always, help is greatly appreciated.
  2. This picture is great. I left you a big juicy comment on deviantart.
  3. I installed CCC and have been fiddling with it for awhile but can't seem to get it right. There's a setting in the video portion about a "theater mode." I've been trying different settings and doing a lot of rebooting but it hasn't been quite right. Right now it's stretching to fill the screen, but it's going beyond my resolution rather than fitting to 1920x1200 so the game has little scroll bars to let you move around to see the rest of the screen. So it looks like it's stretching it to fit the width, but rather than distorting it, it's maintaining 4:3 and it's too tall. ----EDIT I ran
  4. Clever comeback, however, your opinion regardless of how fleeting it may be can remain in general discussion. There's more to life than telling other people what you think about things. Go volunteer for a needy country or something.
  5. I found this http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-1201 and the full screen line that you add to the preferences text file works. But still keeps it in 4:3 so there are black bars on the left and right still. I'm on an iMac with a radeon card instead though. Or else I'd try out the control center and try to make it stretch to widescreen. Perhaps there's something you can add to the line of code they suggest? pref.autoFitFullScreen = "fitHostToGuest" maybe replace fithosttoguest with something that makes it stretch specifically to the resolution I'm running; or at least make it widescreen
  6. I appreciate your intuitive assistance. It's nice to see the community is fledging with "younger" members that find it clever to make generic cliche internet references as apposed to actually answering my question. In the three years I was here before you were even a member, a larger demographic of people around here were actually willing to assist their fellow community member. Times change I take it.
  7. Hey everyone, Was curious as to what approach I needed to take to set up vmware to use my already installed windows installation or if it was even possible. The assistant wants me to set up a whole new virtual folder and install it again which seems kind of redundant. If there's a way to direct it to my boot camped partition that would be great. Thanks in advance for any assistance. ------------ EDIT Sorry guys, I'm really dense, i restarted the program and the partition was added to my list lol. In any event thanks for the help! ------------EDIT 2 New question! Though it's off top
  8. This is probably a stupid question, however, one day iChat's titlebar started saying "aim buddy list" instead of "contacts" and I'm not entirely sure why or how to change it back. As always, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Yeah, running the white screensaver all last night didn't do anything, I'll try that colorful one and see if that does the trick.
  10. Hey everybody, I'm currently in the process of correcting an image burn in on my imac's display and was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this too. I guess despite not being very old, using a screen saver, and turning it off whenever I'm asleep didn't seem to prevent it. An outline where my buddy list is managed to etch itself and drive me nuts when a line in photoshop magically wouldn't blend away no matter how many times i brushed over it. haha Hopefully this solid white screensaver should do the trick. From what I read this is fairly common? I guess static icons, the menu b
  11. Download: http://apathae.deviantart.com/art/W-R-E-N-84310039 First dibs =)
  12. The layouts are getting better! Here's some critique you may want to keep in mind in the future as well as a couple things to point out. 1. For a modern bright site like that, It's typically better to use a sans-serif font. I usually just have a font family with Verdana, Helvetica, and Arial in it. To each their own of course, I don't tell people how to create stuff and I always expect the same. 2. Padding the text so it's flush with the header lines or a little bit inset always looks nice. 3. Usually subtly off stark black and white colors is softer on the eyes and I (personally) thin
  13. Hey, I'm just curious if anyone else around here has experienced this issue. This thing is practically brand new and I have some sort of clicking sound in the lower left hand area. It's rapid like a tiny woodpecker and very subtle, lasts about 4-6 seconds and then stops, then repeats. I called apple, and the guy I talked to agrees with me that it doesn't seem to be the drive based on the sound it makes. I also checked to see if it only did it while the drive was either reading or writing but that doesn't seem to influence it so my assumption is that it's something dumb like a loose wire or
  14. That's really sad; especially since the acting opportunities for treants sort of bottlenecked after the lord of the rings trilogy was completed.
  15. I hate to bother you guys again since I'm certain I'm not doing this incorrectly, but I'm trying implement this image preview javascript on my site; and it isn't working properly for some reason. Here's the link to the file: http://www.cabel.name/2008/02/fancyzoom-10.html I placed the files, I linked to the script and I added the onload tag to no avail. However when I proceed to use my old lightbox script, it works perfectly fine. So am I maybe missing a file or misplacing it in the directory perhaps? I copied the subfolders verbatim to what the instructions on the site told me to. So I'
  16. Sorry to clutter your thread, Levi. Carry on.
  17. Yep, absolutely hilarious. I stated outright I didn't know that much about it; but yet the arrogance in your reply is just absolutely radiating today. So here's an award for your devout tidbit of knowledge, I brought some polish for it too; and when you're done I've got a recommendation on where to display it. --- I hereby admit I know little to nothing about formatting sound. In case that was so difficultly embedded within the last paragraph. If there are repercussions for this post despite my being a veteran member with a far lower unnecessary post count; and absolutely no issues for f
  18. Just my two cents. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, I've dedicated all of my time to images. However, you said you had a bunch of CDs you were considering re-ripping for better quality. Most if not all (I assume) CDs are burned at CD quality, ripping them in a bit rate beyond 128 kilobytes is redundant because it isn't going to improve the quality, saying you can tell the difference if they're 192 (in this situation, for example) you're making shit up. If you download tracks typically you'll receive them in a higher quality therefore actually making a difference if
  19. http://apathae.deviantart.com/art/A-Box-of-Donuts-4-82598115 :mad:
  20. Hey everyone, I've been playing with candybar and when i went to revert my iTunes icon back to the default it displays it as a generic PNG icon instead. How would I go about fixing this? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hey guys, I saw this thread and was just curious as to if there's any info floating around at the moment about the iMacs being updated, I was in the process of ordering one and thought that they might be a bit overdo for an upgrade. I checked the mac rumor buyers guide about it and it's well beyond the average time for it, so backed off. So hopefully I won't have to wait TOO long because I'd like to have a working computer for the first time in forever. If you have any more info about it, let me know. Thanks!
  22. Hey everyone, it's been almost a couple months and I wanted to ask again about the likeliness of an iMac update anytime soon. I noticed that the laptops got a speed bump, and I noticed that the Macbook Pros have a 512mb video card now (not sure if they had them before). So I'm curious as to if there's any info floating around about the iMac getting a bump and maybe getting the buffed video cards at the very least. I did notice that the cost to upgrade the memory through Apple got cheaper, but it's also way cheaper to order it through ebay instead. It used to be nearly 700 to get
  23. Nah, you got the important member, that's all that matters. Thanks for the thread, I finally didn't have to bump my own up after all these years! Sorry about the lack of releases lately guys, I've been using a borrowed computer for the last month and am frantically trying to save up and replace my own. But more importantly... Bring on the gifts! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  24. Doing the math, I imagine with the mouse, printer, and speakers too. My guess is that it was about $5500-$6000; and that doesn't even include a display.
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