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  1. doesn't work for me at all with itunes 7
  2. alim, were you including me as a beta tester? I was one of the first to pm you but didn't get a reply.
  3. hey alim, app's looking awesome man. I Sent you a pm.
  4. If you haven't been following all the posts in a thread, at least have the courtesy not to accuse developers taking the time out to provide you with these applications of "inflating" their egos.
  5. can only find e-mails as of right now, none of which are openable. This app is showing some great promise however, and the frequent updates are amazing too see.
  6. I'm also anxious to get the dictionary link. Please post or PM!
  7. uh ohhh....i accidentally clicked on "Hide Indicators" and lost my indicators. I tried looking in RkLauncher.conf but to no avail. Anyone else had this problem?
  8. I think many people in this thread are misinterpreting Raduking's efforts. Though I certainly can't speak for him I will say this much: I don't think he intends to debunk the effort of other hard-working programmers, rather he seems to be interested in dispelling some of the myths regarding the functionality and features of other docks. This is crucial to the development of his own dock, as many people want functionality that simply isn't feasible (i.e., barely-there memory footprints, supersonic speed, etc.) Bottom line here folks, Raduking can't meet the requests of users who are under mi
  9. this is really awesome raduking. I hope that this can be an inspiration to other developers to release nightlies!
  10. Very nice site design and layout chris. I'm trying out the software as i type this
  11. That all sounds brilliant DJ. Customization of configuration is key, and we appreciate you going the extra mile to intergrate that into PantherXP. On a side note, Dr.Fire, your efforts are also duly noted, and as many have mentioned in this thread already, you and DJ should team up and make this great app a collaborative effort.
  12. sounds good. Thanks for including that feature request to have the dock optional. Being able to have our own dock load at startup is a great added bonus, and will surely help this app to become the desktop replacement it is destined to be.
  13. hmmm....ran the install, don't have anything on my desktop though.
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