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  1. Beautiful... Thanks a lot, i appreciate it
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply, i appreciate it. Howerver i tried that and i couldnt get it to work. Could somebody please upload the png or the iconfiles?
  3. could somebody please post icons for windows of jonas rasks prytunes, png or icons http://jonasraskdesign.com/
  4. Thanks... i guess... for the effort, but i already tried to search however its more the sounds from mushrooms talking and spinning etc i was looking for
  5. I was wondering if somebody know if theres some place i can get the sounds from the game like the mushrooms talking and things like that, i would like to use to make a theme for the kids here.
  6. Yeah im pretty sure its no virus... and yeah its really weird its like it doesnt scan the songs into the library but only a couple of the songs from some of my albums... im thinking of reformatting again... thanks for the advice, ill think i will try to reinstall quictime to see if that solves first though. ...and by the way... Björn, du är från Sverige?
  7. I would really appreciate some help here... Im having problems suddenly with iTunes. Im using because 7.5 really messed up my computer, i lost my sound and my internet connection so i went back to the previous version and everything worked good again but now suddenly my itunes decided it wont play some of my mp3s. Ive tried to delete and reload my library but still the same problem, it wont play some songs. Ive tried with foobar and wmp10 and they both play them without problems. So now im tired of having problem itunes, im thinking of going back to an older version that runs better.
  8. I would really, really.... really appreciate if somebody have and want to share an Amora Pure Pearl VS
  9. Its Pepper Project Wallpaper by PepperProject on deviantart
  10. actaully the one i was looking for is sfw... i found it http://noizze.deviantart.com/art/Bliss-In-2-4052507 thanks for the effort travelfox, appreciate it
  11. im sorry i dont have a screenshot or image of it but im sure someone here knows which one i mean: Its white and in the right corner there is a girl sitting against a while listening to music in headphones... on the left side i think its blurred out to fit the wp-format
  12. sorry about that... i was just hoping to get an honest serious answer to a really annoying problem
  13. thank you for a normal serious answer... spare me the humour please... and yeah i agree with you z-x i wish i could use itunes more then i do but its eating all my memory so sometimes im using wmp instead. yeah im sure to check for the updates, ill check again...
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