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  1. excellent job andrew... 1 problem i'm having with rumshot.. not really a problem actually more of an annoyance, the pop ups that inform you of turning the real time preview on or off.. it's great but there should be a "don't show this dialogue in the future" option.. as everytime i switch to a different theme, it pops up and i can't do anything until i click OK.. otherwise, fantastic job.
  2. still waiting on the theme pack..
  3. looks great andrew... i love the ftp support, i just need to get some nice themes.. heh great work
  4. it wouldn't be hard to recreate them.. but the site is only showing 5.. his pack has 20.
  5. i left a msg on his deviantart page asking for the psd's but he replied that he would not release them on a side note, i was browsing through macthemes.com and came across your post for rumshot beta and i was shocked with their attitude on that forum and how they acted in that thread
  6. i know nothing about this so please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.. but wouldn't the winamp (avetunes) work with foobar as long as you have the winamp API plugin, the same plugin that makes cd art display work with foobar. Just a thought, cause it might save you the time of trying to code it when you can just link people to the plugin. and although i won't be paying $3 for this program, not that i wouldn't, but it's just not somehting i would use very much, but if anyone deserves money for hard work, i'm sure everyone would agree that it's you. So do what you have to do Andreas,
  7. no offense but it looks the same as every other mac theme recently.
  8. hey shmengie, the baby is great.. getting big and got another one on the way good stuff Andrew... looking very much forward to it.
  9. can someone reup that pack.. the link no longer works.
  10. i'd love that too.. this is the only mac theme that has actually impressed me in the last year.
  11. where can i go to get screenshot borders like you guys are using.. i have the default ones that come with rumshot, but you guys have different ones, where can i get them?
  12. Theme - XP Format (WB) w/ custom start button Avedesk - Vista, IMX, and Evo Weather Foobar - Custom to match theme.
  13. wow.. just wow.. i was excited about the title.. but no offense rotry like toophat said.. but it's just aweful. I'm no vector specialist but i just can't figure out why anyone would post this picture and claim it as theirs..lol it kinda looks like someone snapped a pic of kate winslet after she was just raped and beaten, then put it on the computer, and loaded it in MS Paint and tried to make her pretty again..lol
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