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  1. I've always used YzDock. because it has the drag-n-drop feature really good and the icon bouncing is very much like the original
  2. I downloaded the 128 file and applied it.. it was great but it was in Portuguese, then I downloaded the 48 file and that was in Portuguese too. (Both of the files I downloaded were supposed to be in English if you didn't get that). Edit: well, the 128 file was probably in Portuguese and then when I replaced it with the 48 file I was lazy and didn't restart but just logged off and on. After a full restart it worked in English..
  3. I Love This!!!!! it's so funny
  4. System Requirements: * Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista (32-bit) * 50MB free drive space * 256MB RAM ... So no, IP doesn't support 64 bit
  5. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/60407019/
  6. Wow! great skin!!! I'd use it but I hate WB, any chance for a VS?
  7. Made a try, Tell me if you want me to change anything...
  8. I don't remember the name of this set but I have it download it here
  9. You don't have to think how leopard will look, just go to apple.com and see for yourself..
  10. I second the screenshot request.. and why did you write "Mac OS X GUIKIT" if it's for WindowBlinds?
  11. Great wallpapers, any chance for bigger sizes?
  12. http://avedesk.philc.ca/modules/PDdownload...php?cid=3&lid=5
  13. I was a member once and I really loved it but then I didn't log in a long time and they deleted my account. So I would love an invite too..
  14. Thank you very much!!!! But is there a VS version coming soon? I really hate WB..
  15. It's not a release unless you made the icons. This should be a 'Link' tag.. But nice of you to link to these icon sets
  16. There's an icon set that I did about a year ago and there's a folder in there Real Stuff
  17. Very nice.. I'll tweak the colors for myself..
  18. You made me love my parents a whole lot more.. I went to this movie 3 days ago, I just told them that I'm going and they were like "OK, take the car" (Oh, forgot to say that I'm 18)
  19. Hi, I want to remove the AveDesk icon in showcase, I have a desklet right in the middle which is transparent and it's bothering me seeing the icon behind it.. Is there any way?
  20. Thanks! I really like the colors
  21. I don't think that you made this because I found that exact pattern somewhere on the web and made myself a wallpaper of it. You shouldn't say that you made something if you just duplicated a pattern.
  22. But you can't assign images as the tab name, only words so I guess it's not OD+
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