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  1. could you share the solution?
  2. I'm sorry to step in... but changing QTTabbar icons is like super easy...... I got the current version one). Just right click on the button icons' area and choose "Customize..." from the pop-up menu. On the right bottom part there is the option "Browse image..." for you to click to choose from the png/bmp for icons you stored....
  3. FinderXer or FindeXer? I put it in FindeXer, and it's not working. I click it and enter the name for new folder, nothing happens...Not even a warning...
  4. I've reinstalled iTunes tons of times, not work...
  5. Sorry...I got it wrong from another pic...
  6. I'm using iTunes 6.05 now. Previously when I load an avetune skin and left click the skin, iTunes'll automatically start. But now, it shows the error message that I had the wrong version iTunes installed and I'm required to update the version to 4.5+ ... It does not affect my using of most of the avetune skin, since the info of the song'll correctly be shown. I've tried a SysStats widget called "iTunes 3.0" by Judge which use vb as a way to control iTunes, it failed on recognisation and refused to show reflection of album cover and song info =_=/// Just eager to find what the problem is...
  7. See jzinaja's post above, we all have the same problem As we successfully register the dll, load the app, define the folder, then bang~ nothing happens. I suspect that since we all have the word "Total wallpaper in collection:-1", the problem is the app failed to read the folder. So no wallpaper has been recognized... jzinaja, you can try change your folder name to english character...It may solve your problem... My ini file:
  8. I tried couple of times,404 not found all the time... what's happening?
  9. Really lovely,I like it!!
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