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  1. What's with all the "?" and "!"? What exactly are you asking for? Transparent window backgrounds? Some of the Linux GUIs have transparent shell windows but I'm not aware of software that will turn an Explorer window "transparent". Advice: Carefully form your question(s) using something that resembles at least 8th grade English and ditch all the "?" and "!" - it will make you much more understandable.
  2. Gorgeous, as all the "Milk" style skins are. I do have a question though: The included Firefox skin does not support 1.5 (or the update). I'd be curious to know which 1.x version folks in the community are using. You can get them from ftp.mozilla.org and I've gone back to 1.0.7 several times in order to evaluate themes that won't work in 1.5. Is 1.5.x exceptionally difficult to skin? It seems most of the recent VS's and WB's themes that include FF only support 1.x. Just asking - great theme!
  3. _Cell might be on to something I hadn't really considered. I've been looking at this darn thing...I think the peak in resources that I was seeing (30% +) was when I disconnected, then reconnected the iPod and it was wanting to reread the tags for the media library, which it didn't save (or I didn't save) from the first connect. Once it was done reading however, I was still seeing 20% + resource usage. But - it was reading song info directly from the iPod, not from my library on HD. When I get home this evening I'll work with it some more - maybe clear the ipod and restore part of it from m
  4. I hope Winamp counts as a 3rd Party App! :confused: I only found two previous refs to ml_amp so I'll post a little review for you. Ok...I was very pleasantly surprised with the Winamp plug-in "ml_ipod". Installation was typical of any Winamp plug-in. I didn't exactly follow the online documentation - I merely connected my iPod. iTunes came up of course, but surprisingly as the iPod started to sync, every file on it was "updated" - all 2.2 gig worth! What apparently was happening was Winamp was indexing everything on it. Lo and behold, when I opened Winamp's Media Library Window, there
  5. What's really interesting is that while Apple has released 4 or 5 (who's counting?) upgrades to OSX, MS has been in background slowly developing Vista and incorporating a lot of OSX's gui tricks into their community releases. Remember when the Sidebar was just a crappy configurable dock? Now its dashboard-esque with "gadgets", skins, etc. I have to ask a question though: This board is dedicated to those of us who run WINDOWS and mod it to look like OSX. I read a lot of anti MS sentiment in many threads - why not just go out and buy a G5 with OSX Tiger and forget all the hoops you have to
  6. As an XP user I'm not sure why I would run a full 1.0 release of this if or when it comes rather than iTunes itself unless it halfed the resource consumption. I wonder if its skinnable in the way that QCD is - possibly it could look like anything. Mike - who needs to find time to play around with ml_ipod (Winamp iPod Manager).
  7. Bless you, Raduking! Hehe...230 downloads so far.
  8. PM a mod or administrator and ask. Having really gotten down to examining the threads that Unbe deletes and moves, I find I was pretty hasty in my disrepect of him - He seems to get it right 9 out of 10 times - ESPECIALLY in your case. My opinion? You didn't post in the proper forum for starters. Your commentary was confrontational and ill-considered. Learning how to mod a Windows desktop for example, is a relatively slow process for the newcomer (I'll avoid "****"). All of us have spent hours over a long period of time pouring over a variety of threads to learn about modding tools,
  9. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass but why not use the winflag key (if your keyboard has one - not all do). Just a suggestion. Also, I believe there are some docklets that will bring up the Start Menu as well. Take care, Mike
  10. I have a couple of the Silicone sleeves for my 4G - they're great. Except I just can't get past the screen cover - bleh!!! Takes away the sexiness of the iPod (gawd...what am I saying?).
  11. Pete Townsend (of The Who) actually might have started the ball rolling on the "loss of hearing" canard - he put out a warning on his Blog warning folks to turn the volume down a bit due to his own experiences in the Studio - I think the guy is feeding directly off this. Money - you bet. In my case, I cut out the window on the sleeve because it looked like crap. I walked outside with the Nano in my left hand. I had a paper receipt on top of it held down by my thumb on the way to the car. Just this little bit of pressure scratched the display all to hell. My fault? Yes. But I don't use
  12. Typo: 4G, 20G with Photo. Last of the iPods with internal (non-flash) HD's. 1GB - you'll love your iPod, but run out of space very, very quickly and then be sorry you didn't save the extra 100 or so bucks. Like I said before I was so rudely interrupted: SAVE YOUR MONEY and make sure you buy a decent sleeve for it. The Nano and the 5G photo/vid models are grease and fingerprint magnets - more so than their predecessors. The scratching issue is quite real and I was extremely careful - gee, wonder what the class action suit was all about. No biggie - I took mine back and got the 20G 4
  13. With only 1GB of space? Honestly, save your money. I had the Nano and had to return it for a 3rd generation 20G w/ photo...I babied my Nano and still the display got so scratched it had a "sparkle" effect. I've had no such issue with the 3G and in fact, I'm probably more rough with it than I should be. I don't think the full sized 4G's have the same issue due to the surface area, even though they are made of the same clear material as the Nano.
  14. You're right on this one...and I should have mentioned that the available Dashboard widgets from the SophOS (from Sranshaft) look excellent too...the point being that DX, when installed as I noted, appears to run the available widgets properly without a bunch of weirdness. The Dashboard-esque iTunes remote from _martin_ also runs properly - but the weird scrolling issue is still there as in XP. Wish he had time to address and fix. Another disclaimer: I'm not particularly an Aero glass fan and am so far unimpressed with the known "gadgets" - hopefully DX will be compliant with Vista code at
  15. Wrong - "Vista" is a Windows OS like 2000 and XP. DesktopX runs in WINDOWS. If someone was having trouble getting DX to run in XP - THIS would be the forum. Vista does NOT equal "Aero". Vista=Windows. This entire site is dedicated to AQUA customizations using Skins, Themes, DX, Konfab, etc., in WINDOWS. Windows Vista is just another OS that can be customized with, in this thread as an example, DesktopX, to take advantage of available AQUA customizations.
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