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  1. Or, alternatively, you could just post a beta version and have everyone try it out... I'm sure that'll be the fastest way to bugtest it (but keep in mind that there'll probably be half a billion "OMG THIS DOESNT WORK FIX IT NOW!!!111!!11!" posts.)
  2. Well, I'm very curious about the things that have changed, and how functional they are. I'm also quite willing to test things if you still need people to help you out Ave.
  3. You need itunes for that. Not everyone uses itunes.
  4. That looks fantastic ave. I cant wait to see the new version Have you got any idea when we should expect a release, or is this a "it'll be released when it's done" one?
  5. Ah ok, now I see. I think we're becoming too spoiled with the flippy effect, I'm not used to actually having to configure my desklets
  6. Looks fab ave! About the slider: I think it might be a good idea not to show information about the desklet if the icon size is below a certain value. Otherwise, sliding becomes a little bit useless: if you slide just a bit, you'll see just the top part of the description, the bottom being clipped. (this happens at 00:06 in your movie) It would be nice if the information only started showing when the slider is at, lets say, 32 pixels, because that would enable you to see at least one (or two) lines of the description. At 48 pixels, you could add the version of the desklet, at 64 the size,
  7. Very nice, but there's a bug in the newest version: If I tick the show date option, flip the desklet, and then tick the show date option again (so it is off), the date keeps on showing. Oh yes, and the date does not seem to be sensitive to colour changes...
  8. Wow, I feel stupid I'm glad I'm not the only one who is awake at 2.29am
  9. Oh yes, while we're at it: the ability to set respond to doubleclick/singleclick PER DESKLET. That would enable the user to have several kind of reactions to desklets, and would make a lot more sense: I have some pfidlshortcuts on my desktop that I like to respond to doubleclicks, but I also have desklets that are always on top, and should (in my opinion) respond to single clicks. Cant do that at the moment Something else: the ability to set the width and height of a desklet as a percentage of the original size of the desklet/icon. Whenever I have square icons, changing sizes causes no pro
  10. Instead of making two clickable buttons with one "fast" list and one "informational" list, you could make a slider, where the smallest setting is the informational setting, but the further you slide, the bigger your icons become, and more information becomes visible. You could show something like the size of the desklet (both in terms of pixels as in terms of kb), the "expected ram usage" (dont know if that would be possible, perhaps some extra information in the desklet where the author can put a value?), what kind of desklet it is (sysstats, avescripter,...). And I agree with others, it
  11. This is a FANTASTIC desklet. Using it right now
  12. Long live the hostility. I dont mean to defend Clicks, but I do agree with a lot of his/her points. What are modules? Are they needed? Modules can be quite confusing. They ARE powerful, they allow you to do a lot, but why not add them as options? If you could simply add an option that states "remove all desktop icons if avedesk is active", it would be a LOT easier/intuitive than using a module. The term "Global Settings" is confusing. I actually agree with the term "global settings": I cant remember the amount of times that I clicked the wrong button in that menu. It would make mo
  13. No, I didnt. I think they look nice, but to get the kind of oomph I need I would need to invest too much. Maybe if I ever need a laptop, but right now, no. (and back then I felt the same btw)
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