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  1. just updated GDI and my config files didn't work anymore new syntax :/ here is the new default example (very smooth, MacOS like) [General] ; Applied automatically to the child process ; [0:Disable] 1:Enable HookChildProcesses=1 [Rasterize] ; HINTINGU method ; 0: NoHinting [1: Normal] 2: AutoHinting 3: Light HintingMode=0 ; Antialiasing method ; 0: Disable [1: Grayscale] 2: SubPixel (RGB) 3: SubPixel (BGR) AntiAliasMode=1 ; Weight standard ; -32: +32 NormalWeight=0 ; Wait for Bold ; -16: +16 BoldWeight=0 ; How the slope of the Italic ; -16: +16 ItalicSlant=0 ; Adjusting the th
  2. Hi there, new to gdi++ but I love it here is my config, for all who don't want to read the readme [General] Name=Default Icon="%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll",27 #HookChildProcesses #gdi++ is applied to child processes. HookChildProcesses=1 #AlternativeFile #The specified file (relative paths can be used) is used instead of "gdi++.ini". [FreeType] #FontLoader #The method how to load fonts. # 0: Use FreeType # 1: Use GetGlyphOutline() #(This changes behaviours of some options, so be careful) FontLoader=0 #WidthMode #The method how to determine widths of characters. # 0: Use th
  3. 1. Samurize Taskbar client 2. its not a Taskbar its ObjectBar 3. its not Windows 4. http://www.truelaunchbar.com/ mmh perhaps there a thousands of solutions, but I don't know them all
  4. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/62205109/ Wallpaper Edition from one of my photos
  5. infos and download @devArt http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57852508/ //Update V2.0
  6. looks like a book with an apple sticker
  7. Sony GDM-FW900 best screen ever
  8. the FontOverride font is now in the Appearance Options Display Properties Appearance / Advanced
  9. C4D render ... Download @devart orig res: 4000x3000 render time: >30h 2560x1600 2048x1536
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