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  1. Well basically I am going to admit this is about as half-assed as releases can get. I personally needed a bare bones simple eye-candy[ish] Safari icon for my desktop. So please keep in mind this icon was really just made for me in a few minutes of Photoshop work. That said, the icon is far from perfect but it works for me. I just figured if I was looking for something like this than there are probably others looking for the same thing. So if your not one to worry about the details here it is, Safari Simple. Download the icon from my deviantart account: http://redbarchetta14.dev
  2. Hey guys, I have been working on replacements for the Safari filetypes because a blank white document icon with the Safari logo in it is just a little boring. So I came up with two Safari themed filetype sets and here is what you get: - glossy and not glossy versions - traditional Safari document filetype - replacement download icons that you can change in your Resources folder of the Safari application - other filetypes in PNG format: html, htm, css, rss, xml, and php. Released in both ICNS and PNG. Additional filetypes available only PNG. Here is the blank document icon in g
  3. Can you expand on that? I would love to release this thing tonight just as a way of dodging some real work i should be doing. Do you mean colour variants? The type of bar (like how mac has the blue and white candy cane one)? Maybe even a vertical download bar. The plan is also to add the different continents not to leave everyone on the other side of the world out.
  4. Sorry about the 512x512 postings guys but I figure this is the best way to show you guys the full of what I am working on. Possible download icon? And here are the links to some unglossed versions since posting them here would bloat the post. HTML http://muss.cis.mcmaster.ca/~kissms/images/html_ungloss.png RSS http://muss.cis.mcmaster.ca/~kissms/images/rss_ungloss.png DOWNLOAD http://muss.cis.mcmaster.ca/~kissms/images...oad_ungloss.png
  5. Playing around with the idea of some safari themed filetypes. I want to do both black and non-glossy variants as well as touch up the continents and maybe change the text but I want to see what the initial reception to the thought is.
  6. For those of us unfortunate enough to own this phone. http://RedBarchetta14.deviantart.com/art/S...g-A900-82980321
  7. For those of us in Canada, I am hoping to put together a few Canada themed mail icons. Starting with this first one. Any suggestions or anything on what to add to this one. This is the Canada post logo. I am aware of the jagged edges
  8. So I took into consideration a couple things and i redid the icons from scratch in what is hopefully a better perspective. I also made the coffee look much nicer (though I guess you really can't tell in the small preview. Anyway, the icons are now uploaded to the original DeviantArt account. Only includes one full and one empty icon. ______________ Just something minimal i was playing with in Photoshop. Trash based on a Starbucks cup. Release includes PNG's and ICNS. Preview is below, the link to the DeviantArt Download is here: http://RedBarchetta14.deviantart.com/art/S...-Trash-8
  9. So basically I'm just playing around with a Photoshop trial. Made something I liked, thought I would share it. Keep in mind in no way am I any sort of artist. I have no idea how to convert it to a windows icon or an os x icon if anyone wants to help that would be sweet. Right now its a 512x512 PNG. Just took a look at my deviant art page. The preview there does me no justice. http://RedBarchetta14.deviantart.com/art/REDBMSN-81661452
  10. Rush *****es....awesome band...Well...Rush and I'm terribly addicted to Chinese food...holy wack batman i loves my Chinese food
  11. I was using a really bad amp...It wouldnt pick up with the finger
  12. Thanks man, good to see you're still here too. And I believe the pop is there because im using a pick that I haven't cut yet
  13. Mihaly here, damn thing erasing my account... This is just a little intro for you that i made when i was bored one day with an electric guitar and a crappy eMac microphone. Mind you i still need to end it but head over to: http://homepage.mac.com/redbarchetta and downlaod tapping1.wav Tell me wat you think
  14. This is just a funny story I would like to share. Apple is always going about how Macs never freeze ever and its Windows that freezes. Guess what happened I was running Bittorrent and iTunes and nothing else and the damn thing froze I just thought i'd share I find it funny
  15. I saw Rush in Toronto in August and recently saw Peter Frampton in Hamilton but no upcoming dates yet Still waiting for mr jeff beck to come cross the pond to a town near me
  16. "Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival [Green River] "Revolution" - The Beatles [White Album] "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - U2 [War] "Red Barchetta" - Rush [Moving Pictures]
  17. Me being the retard I am how would i go about doing this act :chair:
  18. well guys and gals i need a little tech support here. My MSN Messenger for my Mac keeps signing out and it's bothering me. Im about ready to huck my eMac out the Window. I remember there was a topic to fix this posted a while back but I can't find it. And jsut to note i want to learn to fix my MSN not use some other chat program thanks
  19. Jeff Beck - Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon Aerosmith - A Little South Of Sanity (Live Album) Rush - The Spirit Of Radio The Beatles - White Album
  20. Well my fav band Rush is on tour for their 30th anniversary and I was just playing with filters in Photoshop and i thought this looked cool so here it is, 1024 x 768 Rush wallpaper...enjoy Alex and Geddy
  21. I'm going to agree with Sone. I've seen this kind of stuff happen in the past. This is probably as best a solution to any post related nonsense as any.
  22. As most of you classic rock enthusiasts know, Van Halen has released a new collection called the Best of Both Worlds. The first single from this album is called 'It's About Time'. I've noticed a lack of tabs (there are none) for this song yet so I decided to try it myself. In the last 5 minutes I managed to get what I think is a correct version of the two parts of the intro for this song (part 1 being the heavy bit and part 2 being the heavy bit with a little run in harmonics). If any guitarist could check for me if the intro I've done is correct and leave a comment or a correction here fo
  23. Hello there. I am having trouble installing the Mandrake 9.1 PPC Linux on my eMac. THis is just to start I will get a more up to date Linux distro later. THe specs of my eMac are: eMac 1ghz 256 mb ram airport extreme superdrive 80 gig hd so i used disk utility to partition and i set aside 16 gb for Linux. when i am installing first off wen i want a graphical installation i get a black screen and nothing happens...fine i use the text install and that works fine. When i select my partition i wish to install to it says missing filesystem. What step do I take from here to install Linux and
  24. SO how would I have it on my Mac though would I completely erase Panther or what do I do.
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