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  1. I was asked by a good friend to design a website for his Bluegrass Gospel band, although I don't like bluegrass music very much, I still wanted to help him out. Please look at the site I made and give me some feedback. Website
  2. @nillinu, have some respect for the developer, Ken will release the next version of this when he feels it is ready. @ the newsposters, This should have definitely been front page news about 10 days ago!
  3. It is a theme I made for Objectdock (long before they released tabs) and it can be found here: Tabs With Objectdock <--- Click here to download
  4. The sticky is part of Ken's Dashboard Wallpaper
  5. This is awesome! Thank you Ken. Click pic for full size!
  6. Very nice icons and you website is awesome!!
  7. Yes I believe tabber is a dead project so this was the easiest way for me to achieve the look and functionalty that I wanted.
  8. I'm not sure if anyone has thought of this before, I seached for any posts relating to it and couldn't find any. I have been looking for a good program that would be similar to "Drop Drawers" on the mac, I tried a few like Lauchtab and Cooltabs, but each of them had features that I did not like. So I decided to make my tabs using Objectdock. The tabs were made in Photoshop and by putting the tab all the way to the left of a 128 x 128 png, it makes the tab stays with the side of the desktop,left click and hold on a tab displays a popup menu. You must set the dock to not magnify. <---Clic
  9. This is my second screenshot this month, but I finally got my tabs working! The tabs are made with objectdock, by putting the tab all the way to the left of a 128 x 128 png, then making a folder with whatever shortcuts you want in it, left click and hold displays a popup menu. The trash can is also part of the Objectdock config because I wanted it to change when the trash was emptied.
  10. First put the icon you want to use in the root of the directory and rename it to DriveIcon . Then create a new text document in the same directory and insert the following text: [autorun] Icon=DriveIcon.ico,0 Then rename the text file to autorun.inf Then restart your computer. Do this for each drive you want to change. Note: If you do it this way the changes will be visible on all the user accounts on the computer.
  11. This is Awesome, thanks for all your hard work!!!!
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