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  1. like this: ** background maybe doesn't the correct word. i refer to the "black-yellow" bar
  2. Oops, sorry xD EDIT: thanks beef, but the icon is not in this pack
  3. hi... another request more icon like this:
  4. Or someone has some tutorial to create something similar?
  5. I have the answer When I close objectbar, powerdvd returns to show images. That is to say, cannot I use objectbar+powerdvd? (Sorry for my english)
  6. Hi guys^^... I have a problem with PowerDVD. When I reproduce a DVD, only I see a black screen on the video. When I move the window, I can see something of the video. What can be?
  7. can you post a screenshot of your ACDSee setup? because i can't hide the menu bar
  8. mmmm... then... how i can get a picture viewer like these: http://espa-1220.deviantart.com/art/April-...enshot-31867397 http://espa-1220.deviantart.com/art/June-2...enshot-35469702
  9. Sorry:P... the problem es with de Menu bar:mad:
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