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  1. Holy living crap look who I found! Bloody hell, I remember you.
  2. I'm actually surprised I still have the shiny blue badge underneath my shiny blue avatar. Damn, it's been a while!
  3. ...it's been a while. Anybody remember me?
  4. Be aware that the Service Pack 3 UXTheme.dll has already been patched by the individual who did all of the original UXTheme patches. As long as Flyakite knows where to look, he can update his patcher accordingly.
  5. What is your request? If you can state it publicly, I suggest you do so. Perhaps it's something SirSmiley or I or another staff member could help you with?
  6. Check out the MooTools framework. They have a bunch of effects for things like that.
  7. rjohnstone, Java and JavaScript have absolutely nothing to do with each other, aside from the syntactical similarities.
  8. Oh god, the arrival of Timan's birthday means mine is only four days out :x
  9. Maybe I'll get a lucky post number if I post in this thread!
  10. I've searched far and wide, high and low, for a Visual Style that matches Steam. My second computer has become my development and gaming machine, and the game I'm coding (and most of the games I play) are on the Steam platform. I just want a Visual Style that matches it reasonably well. Can any of you talented themers help out a poor, lurking moderator?
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