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  1. oh man, thanks so much, hopefully it will... and i haven't been here in a while but since when do you guys rename the threads? i like it Your title was too vague. I took care of it for you . -NC
  2. hi all, i was wondering if anyone could help me out. so i just found out my ram was corrupted so i wanna send it back to the company since ram usually has life-time warranty but i don't know what company made it cause i got the ram from a friend. so if anyone knows please tell we what company has this logo. i just remade it on PS and tried to get it as much like the sticker on the ram thx
  3. i was wondering if anyone out there knew of a program that i could use to set a timer to shutdown other programs and applications, i need this because, for example, i have a limited amount of bandwidth that i can use every week (i am limited to 5gb of bandwidth a wekk by my university) so whenever i download anything using bittorent i have to watch how much and how quickly i download things in order to not go over my limit and i like to leave the client running overnight, so i want a program that will shutdown my client at a designated time so i don't have to watch my client so much. if anyon
  4. hey y'all, i was wondering if anyone knew how turn off the annoying "downloads finished" notification that pops up when all the downloads finish. i think i saw a thread on this about a year ago, i tried looking for it, but i didn't find anything. thanks
  5. thanks, i'll give them a try
  6. Hi there peeps, i don't know if any of you know about Handbreak (http://handbrake.m0k.org/) but its a program that lets you rip movies off your DVD and straight into nice and convenient .avi and .mp4 files without having to rip entire uncompressed 40GB movies. Now my question is if anyone knows of and application for Windows that will let me to the same thing while still unencrypting my DVDs so that i have to need to use DVDShrink or the like to nencrypt my DVDs. Hope someone knows something cause i really want my Family Guy DVDs on my shiny new Video iPod Thanks
  7. - Intel P4 2.0Ghz - 392 MB RAM - 2 40GB HDD (no raid) - Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB VMEM - Lite-On DVD Drive - CD Burner with broken firmware - Wireless-G PCI Ethernet Adapter - Dell 15'' LCD - Sony Trinitron 15'' "old ass" CRT
  8. thats really funny, i didn't notice
  9. i'd check if the motherboard supports it, but its a dell so i don't know what the motherboard is, nor do i know how to figure that out, it came with pc2100, but pc3200 isn't more expensive and if i happen to upgrade anytime soon i could use the same memory for that system.
  10. i was wondering if anyone knew if i can use faster memory with an older motherboard. like my computer is using 392MB of PC-2100 so i was wondering if i would be able to add a 512MB stick of PC-3200 memory to have 768MB (512 of PC-3200 and 256 of PC-2100) i figure the faster memory will just run at PC-2100 speeds, but i might be wrong. Thanks
  11. actually, i fixed it with the help of a friend of mine. what you need to do is find a binary firmware update for the drive and use MTK WinFlash untility.
  12. hey, i was wondering if there was a way to fix my dvdrom drive after i tried to update the firmware and failed. the computer doesn't ever recognize it anymore....nooooo.....lol thanks to anyone
  13. Hey, for anyone that knows, i have a Logitech CordlessClick! Optical Mouse and it's stoped working. The mouse's light is still working, and the computer recognizes the receiver but when i move the mouse it doesn't register. So what i think is that the receiver is broken. I was just wondering is if anyone knows if i can get a new receiver w/o having to buy a whole new mouse. Or if anyone knows what i should do. Thanks for the help.
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew of an utility to help you get more functionally it from an Apple mouse on Windows. Thanks.
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