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  1. It's my december desktop Deviantart page
  2. Theme: Thruth Zero(two) by sky1983628 Wall : unknown (thanks deadman) Icons: MilkanoidsXP mix and mod by me Apps: AveDesk+AveScript(Winampunes2); RKLauncher(icons by me); TotalCommander(icons mod&mix by me) DA
  3. Hi! I've update release to 2.1 version! DeviantArt: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40494573/
  4. It's mine: Theme: VLT 2.0 VS Platinum (raspberry mod) Wallpaper: unknown from minitokyo.net AveTunes Icons: is my flowers iconz RkLauncher Icons: mix my (raspberry mod) TLB Media skin: MV my(raspberry mod) Clean & Dirty FULL VIEW
  5. Thank you all, I very glad to you like this. I was release additional shellstyle.dll with left orient. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36208995/
  6. "VLT 2.0" visual style Created from real screenshots of Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 This VS develop for "Va-deam’s Lab Tiger 2.0 Transformation Pack" web: http://computer-arts.info/Tansformation_Pa...2_articleid/697 In this release fixed few bugs. Installation: see readme.txt file Credits: DJ.Hmelnitski,Va-deam and all others from Computer-Art.info community. Special thanks to Va-deam’s Lab team for idea and beta testing. http://osx.computer-arts.info © 2006, evgkursai http://evgkursai.deviantart.com email: evgkursai[at]operamail[dot]com Download DA 0,5 Mb +++ Addition
  7. here's mine: View Full @DA wall: from minitokyo.com
  8. Thanks a lot men. I found WiKi for "Shiira" term: also :cool: in Russian
  9. Shiira nnColors visual style with permission from Kei Sasaki. Credits: Shiira project (http://hmdt-web.net/shiira/en); Icons by Kei Sasaki http://hmdt-web.net/shiira/en, © Shiira Project and IdiotBox, DJ.Hmelnitsky and all others from Computer-Arts.info community. DeviantArt page © 2006, evgkursai
  10. release : http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/35218644/ njoy!
  11. Hi! I will release the "Shiira nnColors" visual style in next week or early... Please constructive comments. Full view thanks.
  12. Shiira theme for Firefox is coming soon... by idiotbox86
  13. Thanks. VS : TigerOSX 3.5 by Ariel Aluminum sub style.
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