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  1. Hate to say this but the program probably has an issue with either windows7 and/or x64. It was written, I believe, for WinXP.. Maybe send a PM to Matonga (the author) who knows, maybe he can help
  2. I don't think you can at the moment, but great feature request. I would still like to see a bump-edge-to-bring-up-the-dock type behavior added, but this would be a nice stop-gap option, but maybe have it such that the dock appears but doesn't take focus until moused over?
  3. Congrats and thank you for this new release. I know you've clarified this in your above description, but I just wanted to be absolutely clear~ is this a portable application as in it doesn't modify any registry or system files outside of it's own folder? For instance, you could launch it in one location one day, and move it to another directory and launch it again from there? Thanks in advance, and I appreciate your patience with these sort of questions But if true portability is indeed the case, my hat's off to you.
  4. Doesn't Safari have some sort of reader mode where you can parse out distracting content including images for reading ease? Maybe you've somehow enabled that? I'm not using Safari at the moment so beyond that, couldn't say.
  5. Thanks BOBAH13 for the update to 2.0.2. Just 2 minor issues I've noticed so far: 1. When I have Strokeit running, and then launch XWD2.0.2, the dock appears and suddenly disappears. (XWD's still running in the task manager) then when I exit Strokeit, XWD reappears (with slide in animation.) It is as if XWD thinks Strokeit is a full screen app, and disables itself. Anyways, Strokeit is a free (for personal use,) must-have mouse gesture app for Win is there any chance you could work on XWD's compatibility? 2. When adding a new stacks container plug-in, then "Choose Folder", then assigni
  6. @ Rody, I only skimmed through your post but just wanted to remind you that you should rebuild your icon cache after uninstalling Flyakite/making major changes. TweakUI I believe would help you there.
  7. looks really well done from the screenshot, look forward to trying it out the next time I install Opera.
  8. did you just link, in a round about way, right back to the cover flow release in this thread?
  9. This is a tough one, mainly due to lack of details. First, do you have a wireless router setup? Are you trying to join an existing wireless network? If you are using Win7 you should see a system tray network icon (just to the left of your date and time on the task bar.) Hover your mouse and read the tool tips to locate the wireless network icon. Single clicking it should show you a list of available networks. Find the one you wish to connect to, make sure you know the password and try to connect to the network. Also, your laptop might have a toggle switch somewhere on it which enables/disables
  10. Vjay, you harbinger of meh news It's good to see you around & about and to know you are in good health. It's unfortunate to know you moved on.. your V Animator app is still such a great program and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd wish you'd continue to develop it for WinXP. The only carrot I could think of is that aforementioned web traffic. But I know life can place things in greater priority so a heartfelt thanks for what you contributed to the community.
  11. Bug report: XWD 2.0.1 on Windows 7 32bit, Nvidia Quadro FX 1600M. Problem Description: After resuming from hibernation, dock is not visible on screen. XWD.exe IS visible in Task Manager You can hover mouse where dock SHOULD exist but only labels appear, nothing else is visible Right-clicking or Left-clicking where dock should be, does nothing regarding dock. Exit dock by killing via Task Manager Let me know if you need any other info.
  12. I think the above 2 posts relate to this one; I don't mean to beat a dead horse but... Does anybody know how to add/change the stack container icon? Can this be done currently? At present, when a stack is created, it shows on the dock as just the contents of the stack. Maybe this hasn't been implemented yet?
  13. Are there any skins that you know of that are 0.2.7 compatible at this time? I like the improvement in the OSX skin that comes with the app. I also like that it doesn't have shadows built in, because I can use YzShadow with it and it looks quite nice Oh, and one thing, explorer's close button does not seem to work, I get around it by right clicking the titlebar and selecting "close" so not a show stopper. The animation effects are beautiful as well. The close buttons for other windows work just fine. Also, you've managed to get the breadcrumbs to follow QTTabbar's tab navigation, very
  14. Hi Komalo, is there any way you could identify which skins (in the collection mentioned) are compatible with the current release version?
  15. I think mps69, like me, didn't see the embedded video the first time we visited your thread. And since you didn't write word one in your post, it could leave some bewildered if they were to have some sort of flash/script blocker on their browser. Nice idea, maybe work on your presentation a little
  16. Viewing angle sucks: 160°(H) / 160°(V) Personally, bad viewing angles really bother me. But they do tell you the power consumption @ 31.7 W(typ.) Can't say if that's great for that class monitor but the info is a nice touch.
  17. Don't tease us like that Yes, breath some new life into the launcher scene; when would you think you'd start up again? Also, keep those default icons you paired with your dock back in the day.. what were they called? Element? Elemental?
  18. Hi All, Does anybody know of a free quality screen saver that runs well on Win7 that simply shows your pictures but with the 'Ken Burns' style motion paths that people know from OSX fame? I used to use Nostalgic by a Greg something-or-rather, and also Motion Picture, but both do not do very well in Win7 with dual monitor setup. There has to be an updated or actively developed alternative to the above 2 wonderful (for XP) screensavers, wouldn't you agree? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. By the brass testicles of Zeus that is a large image!
  20. I really can see your enthusiasm for this process. Such energy can be contagious When I have time, I'll certainly give this dock a whirl. The last time I used a circular dock was with magic formation. I loved that app. But development waned on it and a few re-formats later and I lost energy keeping up. Great launcher in it's day and still good for XP. http://tokyodownstairs.blogspot.com/2008/03/magic-formation.html Sounds like you guys have the installer/portable approach on the right path. Gambare!
  21. Just keep that between you and your television
  22. sgtevmckay, your replies were a pleasure to read and answered my questions thoroughly. I'm glad to hear that the project is open minded to consider multiple approaches. Ultimately, if there isn't really any technical reason to go otherwise, why not just keep it simple and standardize the dock on a portable configuration? How it's then presented to a user could be pondered as a separate item. For instance: Have an .exe (defines: default install location or allows the user to specify, creates shortcuts, etc.) and .zip file (extract and ready) as download links on the website. Maybe the websi
  23. Congrats on the progress of this dock. And thanks for posting an announcement here. One question, does the dock require installation before setting up as a portable application? Or can you simply extract the download to a USB thumb drive and run it as a portable app right from the start?
  24. not much insight to offer you at this time but a workaround.. http://portableapps.com/apps/music_video/vlc_portable See if you can run a portable version of VLC.. Your problem may have something to do with using the 128 large icon option when installing the flyakite. Did you select this option during setup?
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