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  1. i'm from the philippines, Apple computers or iMac are imported that's why the cost is too high for us. With regards to that hacked version. All I can say. I hope they will ship it here in a very cheap price. lol
  2. guys, everything is illegal. forget about it. just buy a mac mini. it worth it.
  3. haven't you heard of the OSX86? any pc can will do. just a few patch. you don't need to buy this thing because its a normal pc.
  4. mozilla thunderbird is the best.
  5. happy birthday. how old are you now?
  6. mate here is another one. hehehe. do you have this skin in your pc? this is also sweet. thanks.
  7. thanks mate, its already working here. the problem was. i forgot to uncheck the protocols. hahaha. thanks again.
  8. yeah i updated to ie7 and install the latest miranda build but still the skins don't work. please try it in your computer and tell if it works. I already tried everything here but with no luck.
  9. im still using the ie6 coz i don't like ie7 and besides i use firefox all the time. is ie6 a factor for this? should i update this to ie7?
  10. tabSRMM won't work. may i should update my miranda to the latest build. or maybe you have an tabSRMM that work on version 0.7.3 for those using smooth operator or plasticMod skins. please send me the whole miranda im folder. i really love this skin but its already almost two weeks searching for this skin to work but i can't make it work in my computer because all the plugins link are dead. thank you very much.
  11. Hi aqua-softians, I love miranda IM but somethings that bothers me since last week. i need the following plugins and skins, but it wont work in version 0.7.3. please if you have those plugins that work in version 0.7.3 share it with me. thanks. - ieview - tabsrmm - smooth operator that work in those plugins - pureplasticMod that work in those plugins. thanks a lot.
  12. btw, it won't work. what version you are using for this. miranda IM ieView tabsrmm
  13. Hi guys! i was looking for smooth operator ieview skin for miranda. or this skin can anybody link me those please. edit: does anybody have a copy of pureplasticMod or smoot operator? link in the furom are dead. thanks
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