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  1. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=34179 hope u like!
  2. i'm ok! @others: really thx! :D
  3. Oversized image linked. Please read the board rules . -NC sorry, fixed it! I'm back. Happy Easter! Credits: Original theme by Max Rudberg [link] Mod by ziutek [link] Include: VS and itunes skin 3 types of font: Calibri, HandelGOtD, Lucida Grande Enjoy! Download @ DA
  4. i dont ask permission yet, i'm little busy, when i get some time, i will finish it up and than ask permission!
  5. Credits: Original theme by Susumu. Special thanks Susumu for give me his permission! include: vs and styler toolbar theme! The font is Lucida Grande. Enjoy! Download
  6. do u install font HandelGotD, Calibri, Lucide Grande?
  7. what bug is that, i didnt see any bug from your pic!
  8. Original by Max Rudberg, moded by susumu! Big thx to Max and susumu! 3 types of font: HandelGotD, Calibri, Lucide Grande Enjoy! Download
  9. i dont use WB, u may ask duyvan82.
  10. The vs was done last week, it will rel this week.thx susumu and max!
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