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  1. Download 5.06 Mbs (hell yes) Upload 340 Kbs (not that amazing)
  2. photoshopped my previous submission to actually give it the look of a wallpaper, I'm new to photoshopping, so this really isn't that amazing. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/34566659/
  3. oops...hehe, forgot to link the fullsize image, my bad... full size is http://flickr.com/photos/ephemeraldestiny/159042982/
  4. Shaken or Stirred... just took this photo with a new digital camera I bought... check it out...thought it might be a decent wall... http://flickr.com/photos/ephemeraldestiny/159042982/
  5. honestly, I think they're kinda ugly. The look of the keyboard makes the laptop look like a cheap calculator. I'm getting a macbook pro and I usually like apple products, but I really think they screwed up in terms of keyboard design.
  6. Katana... or any other very sharp, but stylish sword hehe
  7. How do you get a finder bar similar to the one shown in this screenshot?
  8. the site design looks beautiful, I've been getting into photography lately so I might sign up. On a random note, CDI your signature is slightly annoying since when you click any white space near the pic your sight comes up. Why don't you just link the pic?
  9. Something must be done... a company that actually makes good products...in the current state the world is in, we can't allow this lol
  10. amazing...simply amazing. A completely different color scheme compared to your previous walls, but it still comes out stunning.
  11. I just reinstalled windows, and just had to reinistall a few programs...just copied my profile and everying onto a new account. Took a few hours, but back to normal...arghhh I hate windows sometimes.
  12. I ran AVG in safe mode and it came up with nothing.... Tasks are: -smss.exe -xrss.exe -winlogin.exe -lssas.exe -svchost.exe (appears 3 times) -avgwb.dat -taskmgr.exe
  13. When I pressed windows R I just hear the exclamation sound... thanks, but it doesn't help... any other ideas? I'm so glad I'm getting a mac for college, no more having to deal with stuff like this lol. ----------- The problem appears to be getting worse ... I now can't access the internet, even though my router says I'm connected through the DHCP table and the other computers on the network are working fine. This may be unrelated, but it seems unlikely.
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