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  1. finally got it installed. i like the buttons, but i could do without the apple icons/folders. is there anyway to just apply the vista buttons, tabs, and the effect on the location bar and have the rest use whatever the default gui is?
  2. everything on DA is messin up.. big surprise..
  3. i love it. i wish windows had animated icons.
  4. and neither trillian nor miranda have good aim plugins
  5. sorry for the late reply been busy. yea i've been looking for the widescreen lcd monitor icon not the notebook. thanks clotz this is the best i've seen so far.
  6. havn't used y'z in a while. will i be able to do the forward/back buttons back to back or will it still have that space inbetween them?
  7. looking into trying to mod it myself as i cant justify paying $10 to change 3 buttons. is there a tutorial that could get me started somewhere?
  8. dude is that an avetunes desklet? if so where'd ya get it?
  9. ya but that doesn't mean someone can't send it to me
  10. runesoft site is gone and i can't seem to find a working link anywhere. could anyone send this over my way please? thanks.
  11. disregard my comment on hating itunes, i now use it exclusively.
  12. That trash bin icon is pretty sexy. Can't wait.
  13. is this a real mac? what fonts are you using for the buddy list? and if it's not a real mac, how do you get the icons on the right side of the list in miranda? thanks
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