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  1. what's that skin in the pic? Is it included?
  2. Good job man. The buttones are awesome and the smooth corners are nice. I don't see any shadows on my version either.
  3. for those of you looking for a shell style (ie sjinned common tasks panel) I find Shardie's shellstyle from his Mac OSX skin fits very nicely (http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=31788). Just open the WB skin in Sinstudio and import the shellstyle under Tools->Windowblinds->Import Shell style file. Select the shellstyle.dll file from Shardies visual style and re-apply the WB skin.
  4. Nice theme man, happy to see the built in shadows
  5. I'd like to see a version wiuth shadows as well. Thanks for everything you've done with this style so far.
  6. I installed both themes this morning and looked at them side by side. once you do you don't see as many similarities: - The start menu's are completely different - the tabs are different - the start button is different - the max/min/close buttons are different (Blister is more like 5imple, Bister is like Vista) - Bister doesn't come with a shellstyle - Blister uses Segoe UI as the font, Bister uses Lucida/Tahoma - They both have different lighting effects through the middle of the window - Buttons are different The only similarities are they both are dark skins and bo
  7. When I use WinFX with WB 5.0 I get a lt of windows showing up unskinnned until I move them. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. Here's instructions for fixing the toolbar icons in the silver skins...this assumes you have the original "gold-red" version of the skin installed 1. Change the following in the "code" tab of skinstudio From: [ToolbarIcons] File=Pulsar for WB5 Silver-Green.ToolBarIcons To: [ToolbarIcons] File=Pulsar for WB5 Silver-GreenPulsar for WB5 Silver-Green.ToolBarIcons 2. Copy the files "Pulsar for WB.ToolBarIcons" and "Pulsar for WB.ToolBarIcons~" to the "Pulsar for WB5 Silver-Green" folder from the "Pulsar for WB" folder 3. Open both files and change all references of "Pulsar for WB" to "Pulsar
  9. I've been having trouble with the toolbar icons for silver red and silver green. Anyone else seeeing this?
  10. Love the fonts in this skin, they look fantastic. So hard to not use WB5 now though....
  11. Couple of points: 1. The silver theme doesn't have toolbar icons 2. Can you let us know which versions of the Lucida Grande font you're using? thx
  12. This theme got me excited because its one of the first released here that takes advantage of Windowblinds 5's features. It doesn't include all the different colour options the guikit has but it does have the following: - Window shadows built into the skin (no Yz Shadow or Windows FX required) - Alpha Blended corners (nice smooth rounded window corners) - Toolbar icon theme (no Yz Toolbar or Styler required to apply) - Customized "wait" and "shutdown" screens - ShellStyle (not sure if the guikit has this or not to be honest) Overall its a very complete skin.
  13. This is a great skin. Good to see the Mac ports starting to take advantage of WB5 features.
  14. Rollup works on WB5 beta...does for me anyway. Where did they say that there would be no left side glyphs?
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