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  1. very nice. using it now
  2. very nice, impressive, except one thing: the border is not 0 pixel, and a little too thick and blur. otherwise, it is very nice. Keep going.
  3. Hi, Flowercold, What is the langauge bar you are using? And what is the skin? it is so nice
  4. very nice. clean and tidy. Well done, brother. 非常漂亮,谢谢分享。
  5. the mac book with memory card reader, pls.
  6. they are beyond the word. incredible detailed and brilliant design. awesome. the best icons so far.
  7. this is just amazing. awesome. thanks alot.
  8. Windowblind, leopard FF: leopard for MAC RD icon: hybridwork, mikiwork wp: Yoritsuki
  9. what is Taiwanese website? is not it written in traditonal Chinese? never heard there is a language called taiwanese.
  10. impressive. so nice of you to save them with your camera. beautiful.
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