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  1. have no idea if anyone remember me. But I was the owner of osx-e.com, a site similar with aqua-soft. Sold that site 6 years ago to buy a Mac
  2. alang


    if you have perian installed on mac, you can convert it to .mov file. Just open the mkv in quicktime and after its finish loading, save as .mov file.
  3. http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/applications/avepreview.html
  4. here you go http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/icons/stack_gift.html
  5. here is 512 PNG http://www.osx-e.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3628&c=515
  6. well its the same file that I have downloaded from the link on first page. Could you please do me a favor download the file and check what is the version.
  7. http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/applications/avepreview.html
  8. well here is the taskbar icon for coversutra version 2. And I attached the dock icon too
  9. do you have any screenshot / preview?
  10. you can upload it here http://files.osx-e.com/
  11. here are working link http://files.osx-e.com/11TGA7UUK8HU/Leopard_512_app.zip
  12. you can upload it here http://files.osx-e.com/ 100MB max.
  13. got one here http://www.osx-e.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3538&c=515
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