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  1. I have no issues with my other explorer buttons... the forward, back, up, and folders buttons all work for me. Pretty nice app, thanks for the heads up.
  2. enjoy Wallpaper at my Gallery Full Resolution here (it's big) All the other RTM wallpapers are also available.
  3. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why you'd choose to waste your time (and our time) writing a review about a build that is 4 months old? Seriously, why bother? As everyone else has already said, you wrote a painfully slanted review about a very outdated build and therefore the entire review is just useless.
  4. Thank you for the amazing work. I have 2 small problems, 1. Every time I install MP and loads correctly the first time, but once I close iTunes and then re-open iTunes it runs the setup again (and copies over some modified file I assume) and then MP doesn't work until I re-install ... any ideas? 2. Also, none of my skins are showing up, I just left them in the skins folder assuming they'd work, but they don't... [update] Ignore #2, I know why they don't work yet...I hacked a few skins to work until they get updated ... I just copied the 6.0.0.x folders and renamed them as 7.0.0.x a
  5. I would love to test this out. Some C++, PHP, javascript, and ruby experience. Thanks for the consideration.
  6. wow...you just stole me away from object dock plus amazing work. yes, the genie effect is unusably slow ...7800GT OC here :cool:
  7. I know this is possible with XSLT, but I also know I don't have the expertise to do this just yet...I am learning as I type this in fact. If someone could whip up something that would do this I would forever be in your debt. I am hoping to have it something in a form like: <ul> <li><div class="songName">Song Name</div> - <div class="artistName">Artist</div></li> <li><div class="songName">Song Name</div> - <div class="artistName">Artist</div></li> <li><div class="songName">Song Name</div> - <
  8. wow...amazing job on this my friend. I donated....I am sorry it has taken me so long to get around to it... *blush*
  9. the links seems to be dead...can anyone repost?
  10. yeah nevermind lol...but it doesn't seem to work with iTunes 5
  11. does that script still work with iTunes 5? ...the link seems to be broken at the moment
  12. i just saw this post and emailed you also ...please please please I hope i am not too late.
  13. i would absolutely love some web hosting space. thanks for any information
  14. hmm...i have even changed anything in iTunes or MP either...no iTunes updates, no new MP skins...it just stopped working out of no where
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