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  1. Does anybody have the PSD template for yz toolbar, ive searched here and i googled it but i cant find it somewhere. Thanks
  2. thx for the invite.... accidently deleted the mail but thanks again
  3. I requested this one too for a really long time ago... no luck since then so i wouldnt hope to much
  4. if you have adblock installed that the reason, it doesnt work as it supposed to after the latest update of firefox
  5. I dont know if its the right forum since its maybe more a question then a request... Is there/will there be a port of eternal aqua? It looks really nice
  6. I like them... smooth and relaxed on the eyes... great work
  7. Dont know if this is the right forum... if not then im sorry about that... When im changing the iconpackagertheme it freezes my startpanel and i get a black square and i have to restart the computer to access the program-meny...?
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