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  1. Hi everybody... NOD2 is now available... ENJOY!! http://rimshotdesign.com As you saw it still lacking icons.. and other have been quickly made... but I wanted to share this with you cause, i've very few time to design icons now. So don't worry I still working on the set, and I will release an update soon...
  2. rimshot


    UPDATE more info on my site
  3. rimshot


    Hi, I'm Back Here's NOD2 HD icon. All icons will be designed in 512px. I hope you will like. Feedback are welcome. Folder preview have been posted on my site few days ago.
  4. UPDATE 08/10 : II've updated NOD, I've added the developper folder, an alternative document folder and Classic folder. I've also added compatibility with Candybar for Pixadex user.
  5. I fixed the WINDOWS version... SORRY... THX for comments
  6. Icons are now available on Website; I hope you will enjoy them UPDATE 08/10 : I've added the developper folder and an alternative document folder. I've also added compatibility with Candybar for Pixadex user.
  7. HD icons in preview... more info on site
  8. Update | 31/03/06 | VOL 2 DELAYED explanation on my site :roll:
  9. NEW resolution available 1920*1200
  10. A new NO TEXT version is available now... just redownload
  11. When I released my NOD icons set, I made a background for the image disk. Today I'm glad to introduce a new desktop insipired from this image, and I called it NODESK. Available in regular and widescreen. Enjoy Download NODESK @ RimshotDesign
  12. New way to download ; posted at apple http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/icon...rs/nodvol1.html
  13. Hi .... Well, due to popular request I decided to release a first pack of NOD. This first volume contain only 20 icons but it's available today. NOD will be complete set replacement but i've actually no time to develop more icons right now. Document icons and clipping icons should come soon in volume 2. NOD vol.1 is available on my Site. or @ Apple
  14. thx for such comment....
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