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  1. Cool what guitar do you play? And what kind of music do you write?
  2. thanks m8, this is a wicked script! one of the best ive seen! ur right about samurize being stubborn tho, took about 10 reloads until it worked for London, United Kingdom >.< cheers again (Y)
  3. if u searched on google you would have found this page here. try the mactunes skin
  4. i never thought wm9 would ever ever become my default music player. ever i dont even have any other players installed now thanks a lot stevie (Y)
  5. So Yeah....I'm eager to know too >.
  6. It's made by the same guy that made the Mac OSX Transformation Pack so i'd be cautious. Loads of ppl have reported problems with it :order:
  7. man that thing is so clever! that symantec website shows all the things it does. whoever created it is a genuis...shame they dont put their talents to better use <_
  8. good i was wondering why it was down
  9. my desktop: click for big thanks again b0se! (Y)
  10. u have to go into ur character map and find some blank characters then copy them and rename the icons to these blank characters
  11. ive been wondering that for a while actually...anyone kno? >.
  12. there's no way thats a windows app in that screenshot :6
  13. new desktop thanks to b0se click for big
  14. i want to be able to do it without using a program...surely there's a method? EDIT: i jst figure it out...i copied some blank characters from my character map and then renamed the icons to that.
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