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  1. This is true but Red Mages > Every other class So in point, a 4 Red Mage party is the best you can get.
  2. More like an Avetunes that doesn't crash with iTunes 8... :
  3. The old request thread only has pngs I need original icns
  4. I'd like it if someone could convert the .dmg to .zip without touching the icons. I need the original files so no conversions will be needed. Orhan Okay's Site If possible the following dmgs: Leopard Folders Serengeti HardDisk Adobe Folders App Folders 1 App Folders 2 I'd be really grateful! Thanks!
  5. So I'm making a simple text only Avetunes skin but I can't get it to display shadows for the text... I've copied most of the shadow fields from the Bernice skin, but shadow won't show up. Here's an example of what I've done: [ExtraInfo-1] FaceName=Calibri Size=12 ColorA=255 ColorR=255 ColorG=255 ColorB=255 Left=220 Top=13 Style=1 Type=name HAlignment=1 Shadow=1 ShadowBlurRatio=10 ShadowXOffset=2 ShadowYOffset=2 ShadowExtraWidth=0 ShadowExtraHeight=0 ShadowColorA=255 ShadowColorR=0 ShadowColorG=0 ShadowColorB=0 Other skins display their shadow just fine. So what's up?
  6. Is it possible for ICO formats with original image sizes for 16x16-128x128?
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