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  1. even dock mover has the same effect suck in but the thing is to get more effects like winows fx for windows by stardock
  2. i am sorry for not tagging sir but doonno how to tag there is a button in teh right corner close tage and close all tags i always push the button can u help me to tag
  3. r there more effects for mac osx dock that can be downaloaded? skin a dock b doesn't work with mac osx tiger i have personally checked it. any freeare to skin mac osx tiger dock ? dock mover even has amore function of suck in effect but i want spiral effect and other if available
  4. plz help me i don't wanana spoil my os x tiger how to use theme maker on mac os x tiger, will it not spoil my settings ? it says changing to aqua yes or no and the gui kit whta to do with it
  5. any free ware against shape shifter to change mac themes or any file like uxtheme patcher for windows to use guikit themes
  6. sify has made some arrange ments for mac users to login at their home page thanks for help thanksa lot i'm writing this maessage surfing from my mac
  7. what programs r used for customizing mac i maen to ask the 1 boot screen 2themes 3 login panels 4 dock skinsand poofs 5cursors 6 icons i know one shape shifter is used for -------themes
  8. ya sify people i have called but till now no reply frm them even they don't know what is mac .how to set in network prefereneces and how to change that mac address which they have bind it to by pc .they have a dialer at their site if anybody is able to make something out of it let me knw and does anybody know how to instal theyahaoo messenger .bin file on mac i'm brandly new to mac
  9. how to installl .jar file .i'm using sify broadband in india and has a dialer in a .jar file for mac i can extract the jar file in stuffit expander bute ven that doesn't help.as such that .jar file doesn't install when i moveit too application folder
  10. i ahev got thre kinda files for installation .dmg .bin. tar it was used by inuz systems i'm afraid how to instaall
  11. i want to know more it's increasing my curiosit i'have heard that it takes 13 the time of windows xp installation and with just six screens .it means it takes around 15 mins
  12. thanks to aall of the memebers sorry for my englsh can u tell me any forum for the ****ies of mac
  13. other thing is how to mac a mac running cd as i have downlaoded mac programs in .dmg format just preparation for the forthcoming mac mini i'm buying on a windows computer ,now how shud i make cd with hfs. i have used nero but it wantsa mac hfs drive
  14. thanks a lot just wanted to inquire whether os x can be installed and restored both frm this dvd only ?
  15. but the cd isn't balck stark blak like shown on the website .i'm buying mac mini just for the sake of mac osx
  16. plz al users keep the thread alive i'm loving it u people know so much about mac . is the classic differnet from os 9 environment?
  17. with the cd which comes with mac mini os 9 and os x do i have to start widh mac os 9 installtion first . i want to see the real screenies if at all somebody can give it to me
  18. does mac mini comes with the real os i'mean to ask is the os dvd which comes with mac mini we can install the osx on pear pc with this dvd or we have to buy the real blackone osx tiger dvd .the mac mini comes with 2 grey looking dvdcd i don't know but they r grey in colour other question is how to check that teh mac mini i got is not tampered as mac mini latest pieces 1.2 ghz r with 512 mb ram. how i can make sure it is not tampered hre in india. i can't ask these qustions in india as only .5% will be knowing about mac plz help
  19. an anyone tell me is there any screenie cguide to instal mac os on a mac itself
  20. GOT IT http://www.adiumxtras.com/download.php?xtra_id=198
  21. can't find one plz post he link i'm on mac sir
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