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  1. i need just these kind frm the memebrs collection even the new ones only the one i have told
  2. try to get as many as u can this kind pngs WHICH HAVE THIS KINDOF SILVERISH LOOK TO THE OR THE METALLIC LOOK U CAN SAY PLZ HELP ME TO COMPLETE THE COLLECTION ya even the icons which give this type of hue not merely the panther types PNGS PREFFERED
  3. found this on the sony ericcson site it was the flash based on w8ooi phone
  4. its not at all transparent sir and a bit bigger so that it completely occupies the 128 *128 size and will look gud on dektop one frm my side MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE
  5. if any one can make thsi caramel thme it wud be very nice to see i know the link is for mail and browser http://members.shaw.ca/lucx/
  6. rapidshare is a link to the icons
  7. http://img153.imageshack.us/my.php?image=vegetables4ya.jpg http://rapidshare.de/files/7347059/vegetables.icl.html
  8. i forgot where r the dashboard preferances not in the control panel i what i'm asking there was an option to select and deselect aal the widgets in which the dashboard icon opens up like a door
  9. it woeks on my phone nokia 6600 fuly compatible with it but can't make it work with front row
  10. yes i have it it is a local one but works perfectly with nokia 6600 as it isa worldwide standard phone
  11. {help} how to use salling clicker with nokia 6600 and front row is there any way to use the bluetooth remote of salling clicker on front row application with nokia 6600 acting as bt remote any working script http://rapidshare.de/files/7017587/front_row.3gp.html
  12. anybody who can give me this theme plz i'm dying for it
  13. i have downloaded rk launcher 0.4 beta and downlaoded thegenie effect dll files also .i have pasted thegenie effect folder in plugins folder as told but still i'm not getting the genie effect as option in the behaviour tab .i can see oonly the scale effect option in that. i have windows xpsp2 direct x9c and nividia get force 2 mx 4000 card with 512 mb ram what else i can do to get the effect .i was getting genie effect on the same configuration with object dock .5 version b whch was released long time back DLL IS INDSIDE THE FOLDER ONLY RKLAUNCHER>PLUGINS>GENIEEFFECT>.DLL
  14. help i'm looking for the walapaper in thsi screenshot really soothening waalpaper http://www.deviantart.com/view/22842413/
  15. can u gimme the waalpaper which i there in the screenshot plz
  16. i want the heart icon and the transfusion set icon on the desktop and other related to it
  17. looking for this theme for mac osx tiger it was the original aqua look i have the scerenies now http://www.guidebookgallery.org/screenshots/macosx101 it is the original aqua theme for macosx10.0.1 i have searched many sites but cudn't find one the goo buttons they say r very nice and the stripes ooh delicious
  18. looking for this theme for mac osx tiger it was the original aqua look i have the scrrenies now http://www.guidebookgallery.org/screenshots/macosx101
  19. Go Mac Is The One But How To Use It On Mac Osx Tiger It Is For Classic
  20. Hi there! i really prefer the Windows task bar over the dock. do you know whether there is or will be a taskbar that displays buttons for every open window (or for an open program if it has no open windows)? Thanx (There is a project on sourceforge but it seems to be frozen. ) anything about "go mac"
  21. [HELP] changing and installing startup and shut down sound in mac osx i have used x sound but cound not make out what to do .i ther any application which can change an even put sounds for diffrent notifications(start up and shut down) in mac osx tiger as without sounds it is very boring i have searched macnn forums but cud not find one plz help
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