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  1. thanks what r teh hot keys ,how to use it?
  2. anybody intrested in giving the link again?
  3. recently while installing screenlets in ubuntu as given in ubuntu customization guide i have changed the repositories links and added repository list of screenlet server in ubuntu add remove program servers in third party software tab .now i am unable to open synaptic package and add remove program it says to change the things in sources.list .i have found sources the list in etc/apt/source.list but not able to save it .am i doing the right thing? how to solve it?how to login as root as i don't have root user privilege what is root login is and user name? thanks in advance
  4. is there any parallel desktop for g3 g4 mac too?i wan to run windows on mac and virtual mac is buggy .i have seen parallel desktop videos on mac .can it run on g4 mac mini?
  5. i want to decrease uplod and increase download rate .so that i can do what i can with the slow net connection. what r he settings?i am using tomato torrent for mac
  6. i have mac dvd and i have mac mini with combo drive .my mac dvd which i got with mac mini original osx tiger is now showing scratches .i have pc too in which dvd writer is there which is not in mac mini .can naybody tell me howto copy mac dvd for to be used on mac to install osx on windows .any dvd burner software for windows which can clone mac dvds?
  7. hi very very nice after so much trime a very nice icon png set .can anyboby gimme the original psd for the preview icon so that we can add other thumbnails in the layers and also i remmber with this there was psd for the apple mail icon too with the stamp over it and eagle pic inside can anybody post both the psd files. {{EDIT}} can i get that snail wall
  8. is there any program which can make this coverflow effect to happen on windows like mac and i pod i phone coverflows. i think a screenshot can tell better
  9. help from all of aqua softians needed i am unable to login to yahoo with the password that i used to do .i even tried them mailing my password to alternate e-mail id but no mail came.i don't remember the secret question even.what to do?
  10. is there any mac pro theme for firefox using this image as base
  11. i came to know it can be used for thunderbird 2 too https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/4549
  12. u will definately pat my back on this http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=...aramel_1.2b.jar
  13. hi http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=other&file=my.icl
  14. best theme i have ever used after apple theem mac osx on s60 i iwll keep this theme always can we have teh original i phone wallpaper
  15. charamel is best but not compatible with latest versions of firefox it only works till ver1.0
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