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  1. i installed transformation pack but saw no change except rocket dock what to do?
  2. nice screeneie how to get it?
  3. i searched google for this but cudn't find anything .i need an apple.com type i mean the look of site apple .com as my blog template . i searched google can anybody make it?
  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Scs7DZhQ72E it will be the next front row for windows
  5. using icon packager 4 i changed the windows vista icons ,.but my dekstop shows icons like this which i don't like .it says its for live folders . how can i correct this
  6. does it mean it will cosst 8400 rs or inr in india?
  7. hi to all in tiger times we used to them mac osx using shapeshifter .but in leopard shape shifter doesn't work .is it the problem b'cos we r running hacintosh or it is teh problem with ppc leopadr too? what to do? how to theme leopard? thanks in advance
  8. i about starting iphone screenshot and theming thread .i knwo there r many veterans on aqua soft which can make it possible http://www.iphoneskinning.com/2008/02/bioh...of-the-day.html
  9. http://shellz187.deviantart.com/art/Desktop-018-86222392 see this he has leopard dock but theme is muku .and they said leopar hasn't been themed .how did he do this
  10. this sceenshot is 3d in 2 ways one the window is seen over the desktop and other when u will see it with 3d glasses it will pop off screen
  11. recently i installed hardy with the help of wubi .g8 such a thing has never been thought of. but the problem is i was getting snapping windows out of the box but the advance desktop setting for compiz was not visible neither the close and open windows animation were visible .i uninstall ed everything in compiz and installed compiz and libpython library just by typing compiz config in synaptic .the problem now is i am getting advanced settings panel in preferences but no option for compiz is seen , how to rectify where i am going wrong and can anybody tell me what files of programs r installed
  12. how to install vmware tools in ubuntu as guest os in windows. i think i installed it already but i doono how to enable it so that it starts when the guest os boots in the vmware workstation window http://howtoforge.com/vmware_tools_on_linux plz tell any further information u have ubuntu guest addition will give additional driver support and i think i will be be able to see compiz effects if possible
  13. can u give link for a black theme?
  14. u r welcome dear i also searched so much for this
  15. only default ones i require which came when the os was first installed which was on desktop just that .there is just 1 for each version
  16. all versions of mac os 10 wallpapers required from mac osx aqua ,puma ,jaguar ,panther and tiiger thanks in advance
  17. mail and safari icon/png based on this{ round and square version ).the mail icon let it be the mail icon the second one from left and safari icon like the maps in the screenshot
  18. i request all of forum members for iphone visual style preferably;y based on this kind
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