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  1. what application uses this skin and the name? is it adium x for mac os x and wher i can find it?
  2. plz respond early i'm buying mac mini 2 days after and it has 12ghz pro wid 512 mb ram and 40 gb hdd will that be enough for running all applications will any bluetooth adapter work on macosx? i have a adcom one cambridgesilicon bt adapter? any body there to help me i'm short of money to buy 1.4ghz one? is it possible to buy just bt adapter from apple and not airport extreme.how much it will cost i have nokia 6600 and nokia 3230
  3. gaurav


    can any body teel me how to apply ,guikits
  4. Are There Any Mac Os X Or Panther Themes For 6600 Nokia?
  5. i want to uplaod but i cudn't if someone wants it i can send him to his e-mail
  6. ya i wanted to knw to know how to connenct to tranfer files only
  7. help plz post a tutorial full on mitranda to i chat with the latest updates of the files to convert and wher to place them
  8. plz it is necessary i don't wory about sped it shud b cheap and wireless
  9. is there any way to connect 2 pcs via usb bluetooth dongle of any range.plz let me know thanks in advance ------------ Be informative when naming threads The Topic Has Been Tagged & Renamed // Seph
  10. any body there or the topic is closed to helpme
  11. how to get trillian 2now. they say i chat av skin for trillian 2 is best i have the skin but trillian 3
  12. can i ask dashboard widgets for desktop x 3 dashboard widgets look nicwr and the widgets r stable on desktop x. i have personally used all widgets programs but desktop x is bet for novices
  13. can anybody gimmme evolution thundrbird theme
  14. no one to help me .don't u find this icon nice enough
  15. can i get png of it to make icon? plz gimme at least a reply
  16. my desktop for the first time after along time http://img86.exs.cx/img86/5927/konfabulator4eq.jpg
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