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  1. Same here. Phone stops working if I install an app over the air. If I then turn the phone off (or it crashes) it will no longer boot up and I have to restore. Apps seem to install fine via iTunes, but I'll have to test. This is the buggiest piece of shit I have ever bought. Thanks Apple.
  2. Yup, been running it for months. Runs well.
  3. Most of the controls are hard coded in, so MSStyles won't be able to change as much as you could in XP.
  4. Had it working on my laptop for a while and it looks good, if completely pointless. But can't get Edgy + ATI to display borders. Either Beryl or Emerald just won't kick in.
  5. If you can find a DirectX version it will run fine.
  6. Yes, but I still remember it needs to be done by hand. IE images etc need to be ported (and sometimes changed in their layout) into StyleBuilder.
  7. Windowblinds Vista can apply any MSStyle to Vista after converting it... it even extends it slightly to fill in any gaps that appear.
  8. Man you have to release that, it's certainly the best glass skin I've seen. Or at least could you PM me a download link Great work though.
  9. WOW... umm yawn, That was the dullest in 3 years. Maybe 4. But the new Mac Pro's are nice, especially at £12,000.
  10. The Mac ads are lame. Aimed at idiots. I hate to see Apple adverts like these current ones (and the previous Switch bollocks). They are childish and need to be ripped on. Like Apple, like Mac, hate the adverts.
  11. Yeah very fast. Feels, in general use at least, as quick as my P4 3.4EE. I'm sure it isn't under heavy load, but for most things it's great.
  12. So far it's working great if anyone is interested
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