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  1. Oh, haha. Silly me, I was checking Preferences and Options and such. OK thanks, and yeah, I'm still alive, just not at Aqua-Soft anymore. idk though, I might come back.
  2. That thing annoys the hell out of me, anyone know how to disable/hide it? I checked all of the preferences and couldn't find anything. :slant:
  3. Amazing desk digitaljames! That has to be one of my favorites, and looks good with susumu's preview.
  4. iBook. We use them in my school anyways, cheap and portable.
  5. what a brilliant actor. Barney Fife... ****ing classic. I love the andy griffith show so much, he was great. and Mr. Furley? he was the only funny person on three's company. and... the greatest movie of all time.... The Incredible Mr. Limpet.
  6. ahaha, this forum is on crack. and yeah, no girls allowed cuz girls make the forum awkward for me.
  7. lol, alright sorry guys. I'll try, I just figured that by now maybe someone would have made it and if they were feeling nice they could help a brother out. Sorry for being such a ****. I know I am and I really don't want to be.
  8. please? it's pretty easy to make I assume. I'd like a quality version too, none of this crap 25% saturation or whatever it is you kiddies do but it looks like crap and I am too lazy to do it myself. k thanks in advance.
  9. Nico


    I have a myspace, it's not that bad. I admit I put some topless pics of myself on there but otherwise it's got nothing to do with sexuality or popularity for me. it's just that there are some people you don't get to see everyday and in certain circumstances it can be useful and its fun to customize your page and hear what people really think about you. there is that widespread myspace "*****" culture going around though which has been giving myspace a bad name.
  10. maui! get Windowblinds if you want that! or 3DCC (which I can't find anywhere, wtf? I think it died and anyways no tiger skins for it). but yeah, I would say that Windowblinds 5 is your best bet and it supports alpha-blended edges and whatnot so everything gets a lot smoother like OS X. I wish you would talk to me sometime...If I get into any of the colleges I applied to on the west coast, you know I'm going there cause cali's where it's at!
  11. I wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I really do.
  12. wow, you make Windows look pretty good Shark, nice desk!
  13. font = ? (for preview) nice icons.
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