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  1. There was no attitude on my part, i'm always very respectful of others but in this case all the employees really had no knowledge. It was as if they didnt read thier sales materials. I was not the only customer left wondering. I had other customers asking me questions. The point is poor customer service at this location and they managed to get me irritated which is not easy to do! A friend of mine managed to snag one yesterday at a different store. I have had some time to tinker with it and it is pretty cool. I will get mine soon hopefuly.
  2. To my surprise my local AT&T store still has a few in stock. However after paying them a visit their staff had little to no knowledge about the product. I had some basic questions for them and they were stumped. I later found the answers to them on the net from actual users. This type of attitude ruins it for me. I need to feel confident about something before shelling out so much money for it. These idiots were just there for a paycheck and did not care about the customers or the products they are selling. I will get one now through Apple, I guess I can wait or who knows maybe I will pay these losers a second visit, maybe this is the reason they did not sell that well at this particular store.
  3. Some audio file type icons I made that are inspired by the upcoming iphone. (image is from apple) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58259820/ ps sorry about my spelling, too lazy to redo my preview.
  4. Price aside, I think this iphone might not pack the best of the best feature wise but I do think its going to spark other phone makers to try and one up it. After its release I foresee everyone jumping on the touch screen bandwagon and possibly seeing better phones. I might just hold off on getting one as this first gen might be full of bugs and glitches as was my MacBook. I've read several articles on AT&T and Apple deliberately shorting the market on phone quantities upon its release. I've read only 40 or so per store only to keep the buzz going and keep demand for it high.
  5. It's official, the iphone will be released on june 29 ,2007. I already saw a few commercials for it. However here is something to think about iPhone = $600 Rate plan = $39.99 x 24 months (959.76) Data plan =$19.99 x 24 months (479.76) Manditory two year contract with AT&T. So when its all said and done after two years (roughly), add it up $600 + 959.76 + 479.76 = $2039.52 I should mention that I'm a current AT&T customer and those rate plans are the bare minimums. Do you guys think its worth it? Do you think that this will be the ultimate gadget? I really want one but I'm not to sure now.
  6. Another simple wall for your desktop pleasure. Inspired by Lino wall but with my own twist. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55855616/
  7. I'm not claiming I made the pattern, its just a royalty free stock photo I had sitting on my hard drive. I have had this for at least 6 months for my own personal use but just decided I would release it in several sizes.Sorry for any misunderstandings :slant:
  8. Woha, I barely noticed that. I guess i've been starring at this wally for a while that I never noticed when I made it. I still like it though. Its like actual flooring, after a while you start to notice patterns. Anyway I will tweak it and try a re up of the file. You guys feel free to tweak it and make it your own.
  9. I love Minimalistic desktops, so here is one I created. Icons and application windows look excellent against this background, enjoy! :cool: DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED. Your background is the work of Henri Liriani. This is considered a rip. PM NC or myself with an explanation soon. - gnomexp
  10. Hey liquival, feel free to package any of my bape stuff into your project. I'm not picky about people using my work. When I get some free time i'll try to whip up some stuff
  11. Here is my current desktop, I wasn't planning on releasing it but all things Bape, Kaws, and Milo are popular right now. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55266274/ Dark blueish gradient set with a subtle brick pattern.
  12. Hey liquival thanks for the fave, I'm game for your idea. Perhaps an icon set packaged with a wallpaper or two would be nice. I'll see what i can think of.:cool:
  13. I Love Bape clothing and their collectibles. I wish it wasnt so damn expensive though. Here are some Milo icons I made in Photoshop, I am going to attempt to create his body next (Ico,Png,Icns). Enjoy:) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55191556/ PS Background is Patterno released here at AquaSoft
  14. Great icons, I like the colors. Keep it up
  15. Thanks Levi, I did not know about this Firefox extension its pretty cool as well. I love the fact that you can turn it on or off on the fly. For the rest of you guys check it out. Grab it at: http://ackroyd.de/googlepreview/
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