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  1. i can't get the themes to work. i went into the theme folder and then i changed all the filenames to .zip and then i extracted them into the folders of the theme names into RumShot Themes and then i open rumshot and they aren't there
  2. i'm not a lady but i'll help you anyway....pocomail is really easy to use
  3. dOes anyone know where i can find the file of the song that plays when you are setting up your mac for the first time like when it asks your timezone and if you want to transfer files from another mac..i would appreciate it... o yea its from tiger -------- or maybe its an intel build only thing... i'll see if my friend can reinstall it on his comp and record the music. //Edit: Posts Merged. If only a few hours has passed, please edit your original post instead of making a new one. Thanks . -NC
  4. POOF! um i can't think of anything I wish someone can think of something for his wish.
  5. Did you notice this was in General Discussion
  6. Do you have a girlfriend? or did you have a girlfriend but she dumped you.. tell use why. well i had a girlfriend. she dumped me and started dating my ex-ex- girlfriend
  7. I liked it back then....but what happened to Goku and Taha?
  8. root bear!!!same as liquidplasmaflow... i'm only 13.. ok maybe i've had some beer in the past.. shh!
  9. POOF! You have some beer but a bear came up and tackled you and you dropped your beer. I wish microsoft would die.
  10. You know when you open a file or an application in without opening it in the dock which is when you open it on the desktop or a folder or something in osx it makes that zoom effect.. well the program Ubericon by Punk! Software enables that in windows... When you install it...open it then right click the yellow tray icon. go to Plugins then izoom. right click it again go to iZoom settings then make sure only async is checked.That will make the effect osx does. Get it here: [URL="http://www.punksoftware.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=98&Itemid=201&project=UberIc
  11. what about having an option to have it on top of the taskbar like this picture i attatched.
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