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  1. Hello, I love the D-Weather widget (looks like Dashboard Weather) except when I enter Canadian cities, it adds ", Canada" after it, which makes it far too long and it goes under the current weather image. So I was wondering if there was a way to fix this, or if anyone could make it so that the ", Canada" doesn't appear? Thanks!
  2. Uh, the portfolio section doesnt display any links on the left in either Firefox or IE6...
  3. Could you possibly put it as an attachment? FANTASTIC work by the way... you're really quick.
  4. Same problem here... seems to only start happening after I minimise iTunes.
  5. Hmm, server seems to be down
  6. Pooky


    Hmm, anyone know what that wallpaper is?
  7. osxdude - use www.imageshack.us and use the code it gives for thumbnails
  8. Very cool. Any way you can add an OS X shadow to this?
  9. FANTASTIC! I love the plus sign and the alpha blending and everything. Great great work. Here's what I'd like to see in newer versions: 1. Toolbar icons and Animations, if possible 2. Right-hand side glyph option 3. A start menu with less straight-cut edges 4. Obviously, more polish (although it's already pretty darn polished!) Can't wait for the final version, if you need any testers or whatever feel free to contact me.
  10. If you haven't already got a VS to use, Ruler, Samui, and Eternal Aqua (though this one's pretty close to aqua) are pretty nice.
  11. piotr82 - where can I get that wallpaper? espionix - what wallpaper, VS, icons, and media player/skin are those?
  12. Fantastic icons (as usual)! However, is it normal that there's black spaces on top of the website's design?
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